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Ask 5: What's the best NFL comp for Wyoming's Josh Allen?

Wyoming QB Josh Allen is one of the most polarizing players in the scouting community, and he'll be back in the spotlight on Friday in the Potato Bowl vs. Central Michigan.

Allen's name comes up all the time when I'm talking to NFL evaluators. Some of them absolutely love his game, while others have major concerns. To illustrate that point, I reached out to 5 NFL executives and asked for their pro comparison after they studied Allen. Here are their answers.

Executive 1:Ben Roethlisberger
"He reminds me of Ben coming out (of college). Similar size, athleticism, playmaking ability and decision-making. Allen actually has a stronger arm."

Executive 2:Jake Locker
"I actually think there are some similarities to his game that will remind people of all three QBs taken early in the 2011 draft (Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert and Locker). However, he reminds me more of Locker than the other two. Immensely talented athlete with a big arm but I question his accuracy. Major boom-or-bust prospect."

Executive 3: Locker
"I hope I'm wrong but I see a lot of Jake Locker in his play. He's taller, obviously. You can't ask for more physical tools. However, I have major concerns about his field vision and accuracy. He is a classic boom-bust guy."

Executive 4:Cam Newton
"There isn't one specific guy that comes to mind. I'd probably say a lesser version of Cam Newton. He's a big, raw athlete that flashes 'wow' plays. Huge arm, can run, throw on the move and extend plays. His accuracy and mechanics are a concern. Big upside. Love the prospect."

Executive 5:Paxton Lynch
"I recognize the size and arm talent but I can't get past the poor accuracy, footwork and decision-making. I see some similarities to Paxton Lynch."

Summary: That's two votes for Locker and one apiece for Lynch, Newton and Roethlisberger.

Conclusion: See what I mean? The comparisons are all over the place, from Locker -- a draft bust -- to Roethlisberger -- a two-time Super Bowl champion. Allen is truly a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty prospect. Evaluators that love him speak of his size, arm strength and athleticism while his skeptics point out issues with accuracy and decision-making. Personally, I think he will need some time to develop whenever he chooses to move on to the next level, but he's a worthy project to invest in.

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