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Ask 5: What's best NFL comp for Washington State's Luke Falk?

Washington State is one of the biggest surprises in college football this season. Led by senior signal-caller Luke Falk, the Cougars are off to a 5-0 start and they are coming off an impressive performance in a 30-27 win over USC.

In that game, most evaluators would agree Falk outplayed Sam Darnold. If not for a handful of dropped passes, the game probably wouldn't have been close, and Falk would be getting more national attention. His performance led me to this week's Ask 5 question: Who's a good comparison for Falk? I reached out to five NFL personnel executives to get their thoughts on the topic. Here are their answers.

Executive 1:Sam Bradford
"He reminds me of Bradford. Similar thin frame, arm strength and accuracy. I think Falk is tougher and has more of the 'it' factor."

Executive 2:Matt Hasselbeck
"He's not quite as athletic but he reminds me of Matt Hasselbeck. He's a smart, tough distributor and he's very accurate."

Executive 3:AJ McCarron
"I see a little of McCarron. He's a second-to-fourth-rounder who will start in time. I like Falk's makeup better."

Executive 4:Jared Goff
"He has the same body type as Goff and they have similar traits. However, Goff has a slightly stronger arm."

Executive 5:Kirk Cousins
"He reminds me of Cousins both on and off the field. Smart, tough guys with excellent work habits and leadership qualities. They have similar arm strength and accuracy on the field."

Summary: That's one vote apiece for Bradford, Hasselbeck, McCarron, Goff and Cousins.

Conclusion: This is an interesting collection of names. You can tell that each executive believes Falk will end up being a starter at some point in his NFL career. I compared him to Cousins over the summer but I do see a lot of Hasselbeck in his game.

The more I study Falk, the more I like him. I wouldn't be shocked if he found his way into the first round of the upcoming draft.

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