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12-team fantasy football analyst mock draft results

After several 10-team mock drafts, it was finally time to turn a mock draft up to 11. Or, 12 rather. We assembled the usual crew and invited a few friends from the fantasy community to hold our first 12-team mock draft of the offseason. We drafted as a standard scoring league that would start the following positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, D/ST, K. Teams were not required to draft a defense or kicker. This was a fun exercise for us, as adding two teams really begins to stretch rosters thin, and forces us to start revealing some of our favorite deeper sleepers and really reach for the players we like in the early rounds. If you want to test it out for yourself, you can join a mock draft of your own by clicking here.

Below are the round-by-round draft results, with some brief commentary on some of the picks between each round. Full team-by-team breakdowns will be linked above shortly.

Draft order

(randomized 30 minutes before start)

  1. Justin Bonnema (@justinbonnema) - Writer for
  2. Matt "Franchise" Franciscovich (@MattFranchise) - NFL Fantasy Associate Writer/Editor
  3. Marcas Grant (@MarcasG) - NFL Fantasy Editor
  4. Michael Fabiano (@MichaelFabiano) - NFL Media Senior Fantasy Analyst
  5. Alex Gelhar (@AlexGelhar) - Fantasy Writer/Editor
  6. Adam Rank (@adamrank) - NFL Media Writer
  7. Hytham Kilani - NFL Fantasy LIVE Producer
  8. Matt Harmon (@MattHarmonBYB) - NFL Fantasy Associate Writer/Editor
  9. Jake Ciely (@allinkid) - Senior Writer RotoExperts
  10. James Koh (@JamesDKoh) - NFL Fantasy LIVE show and podcast host
  11. Alex Wilk (@AlexCWilk) - NFL Fantasy LIVE Producer
  12. Dylan Milner (@DMilner13)- NFL Fantasy LIVE Senior Producer


  1. Julio Jones, Falcons (WR1) - Bonnema
  2. Antonio Brown, Steelers (WR2) - Franchise
  3. Odell Beckham Jr., Giants (WR3) - Grant
  4. Todd Gurley, Rams (RB1) - Fabiano
  5. David Johnson, Cardinals (RB2) - Gelhar
  6. A.J. Green, Bengals (WR4) - Rank
  7. Adrian Peterson, Vikings (RB3)- Kilani
  8. Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys (RB4) - Harmon
  9. Lamar Miller, Texans (RB5) - Ciely
  10. DeAndre Hopkins, Texans (WR5) - Koh
  11. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots (TE1) - Wilk
  12. Jordy Nelson, Packers (WR6) - Milner

Bonnema taking Julio Jones No. 1 overall is why it's always fun to bring new blood into our staff mock drafts -- it mixes things up a bit. Wide receivers continue to dominate the top of our mocks as has been the norm all season. With Le'Veon Bell being handed a four-game suspension late last week, he fell out of the first round and pushed Gurley and David Johnson up as the top two backs off the board. I've swung around with David Johnson as my RB1 for this year. His ceiling is simply too high to ignore as the No. 1 running back, even with Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington lurking as potential vultures. With this draft expanding to 12 teams, Jordy Nelson and Lamar Miller both make an appearance in the first round. Both were sound picks for Ciely (Miller, ninth) and Milner (Nelson, 12th) at that point in the round.


  1. Jamaal Charles, Chiefs (RB6) - Milner
  2. Devonta Freeman, Falcons (RB7) - Wilk
  3. Dez Bryant, Cowboys (WR7) - Koh
  4. Le'Veon Bell, Steelers (RB8) - Ciely
  5. Allen Robinson, Jaguars (WR8) - Harmon
  6. Doug Martin, Buccaneers (RB9) - Kilani
  7. Keenan Allen, Chargers (WR9) - Rank
  8. Eddie Lacy, Packers (RB10) - Gelhar
  9. Alshon Jeffery, Bears (WR10) - Fabiano
  10. Mike Evans, Buccaneers (WR11) - Grant
  11. Mark Ingram, Saints (RB11) - Franchise
  12. LeSean McCoy, Bills (RB12) - Bonnema

The fall of Le'Veon Bell only lasted four picks into the second round, as Ciely was happy to scoop him up as his RB2. Bell is one of the most dominant fantasy players in the NFL when healthy, so it'll be a shock if he makes it out of the second round in most drafts this fall. I feel the fantasy community overreacted a bit to the news out of Atlanta recently that Devonta Freeman's workload is going to be decreased. Freeman is still a far better pass-catcher and pass-blocker than Tevin Coleman, meaning the third-down and hurry-up work will stay with him. Even if he loses a few carries each game, the passing game work gives him a safe weekly floor and RB1 upside. With all of his backups getting suspended or getting into trouble, LeSean McCoy is looking like a bargain at the end of Round 2 in a 12-team league. He's going to be the workhorse for Rex Ryan and co. and now has fewer options behind him threatening to steal red zone and goal-line opportunities.


  1. C.J. Anderson, Broncos (RB13) - Bonnema
  2. Sammy Watkins, Bills (WR12) - Franchise
  3. Brandon Marshall, Jets (WR13) - Grant
  4. Brandin Cooks, Saints (WR14) - Fabiano
  5. Amari Cooper, Raiders (WR15) - Gelhar
  6. Demaryius Thomas, Broncos (WR16) - Rank
  7. Randall Cobb, Packers (WR17) - Kilani
  8. T.Y. Hilton, Colts (WR18) - Harmon
  9. Michael Floyd, Cardinals (WR19) - Ciely
  10. Carlos Hyde, 49ers (RB14) - Koh
  11. Jarvis Landry, Dolphins (WR20) - Wilk
  12. Aaron Rodgers, Packers (QB1) - Milner

Round 3 was all about wide receivers, as eight were drafted in a row and nine were taken total. I wasn't thrilled with Amari Cooper as my WR1, but he's a tremendous player in a young, ascending offense. Even if he posts just a moderate improvement on last season's totals, he'll be an okay weekly starter for me. Don't knock Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker down draft boards too far even if Geno Smith is the Week 1 starter. Geno has never played with a wideout group like this, and the presence of Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator is the great equalizer. They won't match last season, but they'll be fine. I love the Randall Cobb and T.Y. Hilton picks by Kilani and Harmon. Both are steals in this late in the draft and could finish as WR1s when this season is all said and done. Carlos Hyde carries a lot of question marks and a lot of upside heading into this season. If I were Koh I'd be a bit squeamish with him as my RB1, but he helps himself out later in the draft (as you'll see).


  1. Jordan Reed, Redskins (TE2) - Milner
  2. Doug Baldwin, Seahawks (WR21) - Wilk
  3. Dion Lewis, Patriots (RB15) - Koh
  4. Jeremy Maclin, Chiefs (WR22) - Ciely
  5. Donte Moncrief, Colts (WR23) - Harmon
  6. Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers (WR24) - Kilani
  7. Matt Forte, Jets (RB16) - Rank
  8. John Brown, Cardinals (WR25) - Gelhar
  9. Thomas Rawls, Seahawks (RB17) - Fabiano
  10. Cam Newton, Panthers (QB2) - Grant
  11. Melvin Gordon, Chargers (RB18) - Franchise
  12. Eric Decker, Jets (WR26) - Bonnema

I'm always curious to see where Jordan Reed goes in mocks, and the first pick of Round 4 (37th overall) feels pretty good for Milner. And if he wanted him he had to take him here, too, as there's no way a player with Reed's upside survives another 22 picks to land with Milner in the fifth. I like all four of the running backs taken in this round, but all four come with a black cloud hanging over their heads. Will Dion Lewis continue to slay #Belitricks while returning from major knee surgery? Are Bilal Powell and Khiry Robinson legitimate threats to steal away Forte's passing game and goal-line touches? Is Thomas Rawls going to be ready for Week 1 after breaking his ankle late last year, and can he hold off C.J. Prosise and the rest of the rookies? Will Melvin Gordon actually do something this year? Other than that, the quality of receivers in this round once again speaks to why it's okay to invest an early-round pick (or two) in the running back position.


  1. Danny Woodhead, Chargers (RB19) - Bonnema
  2. Jay Ajayi, Dolphins (RB20) - Franchise
  3. Ryan Mathews, Eagles (RB21) - Grant
  4. Julian Edelman, Patriots (WR27) - Fabiano
  5. Latavius Murray, Raiders (RB22) - Gelhar
  6. Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots (K1) - Rank
  7. Russell Wilson, Seahawks (QB3) - Kilani
  8. Greg Olsen, Panthers (TE3) - Harmon
  9. DeMarco Murray, Titans (RB23)- Ciely
  10. Giovani Bernard, Bengals (RB24) - Koh
  11. Jeremy Hill, Bengals (RB25) - Wilk
  12. Jordan Matthews, Eagles (WR28) - Milner

What a wide variety of running backs Round 5 offers. From high-upside/risky options like Danny Woodhead, Jay Ajayi, and Ryan Mathews to heavy volume backs like Latavius Murray and DeMarco Murray to the entire Bengals backfield, this round has it all. I've swung back around on Latavius Murray now. The addition of DeAndre Washington and presence of a now stout defense should help Murray stay fresh and have plenty of positive game scripts in which he can rack up fantasy points. As for the Bengals backfield, I'm all about Gio this year. Hill scares me with his dependence on goal-line touches from last season, and how inefficient he was with the vast majority of his carries. He could bounce back to 2014 form, but I'd rather bet on Bernard earning more touches and targets and posting the better fantasy season.


  1. Matt Jones, Redskins (RB26) - Milner
  2. Chris Ivory, Jets (RB27) - Wilk
  3. Tyler Lockett, Seahawks (WR29) - Koh
  4. Golden Tate, Lions (WR30) - Ciely
  5. Drew Brees, Saints (QB4) - Harmon
  6. Travis Kelce, Chiefs (TE4) - Kilani
  7. Duke Johnson, Browns (RB28) - Rank
  8. Jonathan Stewart, Panthers (RB29) - Gelhar
  9. Jeremy Langford, Bears (RB30) - Fabiano
  10. Frank Gore, Colts (RB31) - Grant
  11. Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos (WR31) - Franchise
  12. Michael Crabtree, Raiders (WR32) - Bonnema

For those who do opt to employ a Zero RB strategy or at least wait on the position, there certainly are great players available in these middle rounds. Jonathan Stewart, Frank Gore, Duke Johnson and Jeremy Langford all feel like steals this late in a 12-team league. Matt Jones and Chris Ivory also possess high ceilings, but ghastly low floors if things don't go according to plan. Emmanuel Sanders continues to fall in drafts because of the uncertainty under center for the Broncos, but he's a talented player. Even with semi-competent quarterback play in 2016 he should be able to return on his sixth-round value here for Franchise.


  1. Gary Barnidge, Browns (TE5) - Bonnema
  2. DeAngelo Williams, Steelers (RB32) - Franchise
  3. DeSean Jackson, Redskins (WR33) - Grant
  4. Ameer Abdullah, Lions (RB33) - Fabiano
  5. Marvin Jones, Lions (WR34) - Gelhar
  6. Andrew Luck, Colts (QB5) - Rank
  7. Justin Forsett, Ravens (RB34) - Kilani
  8. Charles Sims, Buccaneers (RB35) - Harmon
  9. DeVante Parker, Dolphins (WR35) - Ciely
  10. Kevin White, Bears (WR36) - Koh
  11. Sterling Shepard, Giants (WR37) - Wilk
  12. Kamar Aiken, Ravens (WR38) - Milner

DeAngelo Williams is easily the highest riser from past mocks to now, as he's set for a feature back workload for the first month of the season while Le'Veon Bell serves a four-game suspension. I may have reached a round early on Marvin Jones, but felt the need to grab him here rather than risking losing him. He's at worst the 1b option in the Lions' offense and has a chance to assume much of the deep workload vacated by the departure of Calvin Johnson. Andrew Luck in the seventh is solid value for Rank, and I love Milner scooping up Kamar Aiken at the end of the round as well (I would have jumped all over Aiken had he fallen to me in the eighth).


  1. Rashad Jennings, Giants (RB36) - Milner
  2. C.J. Prosise, Seahawks (RB37) - Wilk
  3. Kenneth Dixon, Ravens (RB38) - Koh
  4. Ladarius Green, Steelers (TE6) - Ciely
  5. Torrey Smith, 49ers (WR39) - Harmon
  6. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals (WR40) - Kilani
  7. Corey Coleman, Browns (WR41) - Rank
  8. Tavon Austin, Rams (WR42) - Gelhar
  9. Allen Hurns, Jaguars (WR43) - Fabiano
  10. Theo Riddick, Lions (RB39) - Grant
  11. Travis Benjamin, Chargers (WR44) - Franchise
  12. Willie Snead, Saints (WR45) - Bonnema

Harmon is among those leading the bandwagon on Torrey Smith's bounce-back campaign in 2016, so it makes sense for Matt to draft him here. Prosise and Dixon both aren't guaranteed early touches in their respective offenses, but both possess the skills and talent to be the featured back. The eighth round in a 12-team league feels like great value for that type of upside. If you're surprised why Larry Fitzgerald fell so far, it's no slight against him. Rather, it's reflective of how the Cardinals passing attack is changing as Fitzgerald ages.


  1. Philip Rivers, Chargers (QB6) - Bonnema
  2. Markus Wheaton, Steelers (WR46) - Franchise
  3. Delanie Walker, Titans (TE7) - Grant
  4. Tom Brady, Patriots (QB7) - Fabiano
  5. Carson Palmer, Cardinals (QB8) - Gelhar
  6. T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars (RB40) - Rank
  7. Dorial Green-Beckham, Titans (WR47)- Kilani
  8. Arian Foster, Dolphins (RB41) - Harmon
  9. Jordan Howard, Bears (RB42) - Ciely
  10. Tevin Coleman, Falcons (RB43) - Koh
  11. Eli Manning, Giants (QB9) - Wilk
  12. Isaiah Crowell, Browns (RB44) - Milner

Curse Bonnema for stealing Philip Rivers from me, although Carson Palmer was a pleasant consolation prize. If Markus Wheaton plays in 2016 like he did at times in 2015, he'll be an absolute steal for Franchise in Round 9. Same goes for DGB. Each player has immense upside, but a terrifyingly low floor. Still, that's kind of par for the course this late in a 12-team draft.


  1. Josh Doctson, Redskins (WR48) - Milner
  2. LeGarrette Blount, Patriots (RB45) - Wilk
  3. Tyrod Taylor, Bills (QB10) - Koh
  4. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (QB11) - Ciely
  5. Laquon Treadwell, Vikings (WR49) - Harmon
  6. Derrick Henry, Titans (RB46) - Kilani
  7. Tyler Eifert, Bengals (TE8) - Rank
  8. Coby Fleener, Saints (TE9) - Gelhar
  9. Antonio Gates, Chargers (TE10) - Fabiano
  10. Paul Perkins, Giants (RB47) - Grant
  11. Bilal Powell, Jets (RB48) - Franchise
  12. Jerick McKinnon, Vikings (RB49) - Bonnema

With so many questions surrounding Tyler Eifert's return from offseason ankle surgery, it's not too surprising he fell so far in this draft. But man, he could be a game-changing pick for Rank this late. If Coby Fleener keeps falling to me in the double-digit rounds, I will continue to draft him. I like what Franchise and Bonnema did at the end of the round, too. Both grabbed a backup running back, but each player has a role on the team as is and could fall into a HUGE role if the aging back ahead of them (Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson) suffers any sort of injury.


  1. Eric Ebron, Lions (TE11) - Bonnema
  2. Javorius Allen, Ravens (RB50) - Franchise
  3. Stefon Diggs, Browns (WR50) - Grant
  4. Blake Bortles, Jaguars (QB12) - Fabiano
  5. Mohamed Sanu, Falcons (WR51) - Gelhar
  6. Devontae Booker, Broncos (RB51) - Rank
  7. Vincent Jackson, Buccaneers (WR52) - Kilani
  8. Nelson Agholor, Eagles (WR53) - Harmon
  9. Steve Smith, Ravens (WR54) - Ciely
  10. Zach Miller, Bears (TE12) - Koh
  11. Pierre Garcon, Redskins (WR55) - Wilk
  12. Seahawks D/ST (DEF1) - Milner

Round 11 was a rather uninspiring round. Few players taken shook the draft room, but there were no questionable selections either. I'm warming up to Mohamed Sanu after Chris Wesseling profiled him as a "Making the Leap" candidate, while Zach Miller is one of our favorite late-round tight ends.


  1. Chandler Catanzaro, Cardinals (K2) - Milner
  2. Devin Funchess, Panthers (WR56) - Wilk
  3. Kirk Cousins, Redskins (QB13) - Koh
  4. DeAndre Washington, Raiders (RB52) - Ciely
  5. Spencer Ware, Chiefs (RB53)- Harmon
  6. Josh Ferguson, Colts (RB54) - Kilani
  7. Shaun Draughn, 49ers (RB55) - Rank
  8. Mike Wallace, Ravens (WR57) - Gelhar
  9. Julius Thomas, Jaguars (TE13) - Fabiano
  10. Cardinals D/ST (DEF2) - Grant
  11. Dwayne Allen, Colts (TE14) - Franchise
  12. James Starks, Packers (RB56) - Bonnema

A lot of backups were taken in this round, but that's a perfectly fine strategy as we begin the final stretch. Kilani grabbed a potential difference maker with Ferguson, especially if Frank Gore finally starts to lose his battle with Father Time. Speaking of Colts, Franchise finds some insane value for a TE1 by grabbing Allen in Round 12. With Coby Fleener out of the picture, Allen will be one of the top options in the red zone for Andrew Luck.


  1. Kendall Wright, Titans (WR58) - Bonnema
  2. Derek Carr, Raiders (QB14) - Franchise
  3. Alfred Morris, Cowboys (RB57) - Grant
  4. Josh Gordon, Browns (WR59) - Fabiano
  5. Wendell Smallwood, Eagles (RB58) - Gelhar
  6. Rishard Matthews, Titans (WR60) - Rank
  7. Phillip Dorsett, Colts (WR61) - Kilani
  8. Zach Zenner, Lions (RB59 - Harmon
  9. Zach Ertz, Eagles (TE15) - Ciely
  10. Jaelen Strong, Texans (WR62) - Koh
  11. Jimmy Graham, Seahawks (TE16) - Wilk
  12. Knile Davis, Chiefs (RB60) - Milner

Editor's note: This draft was conducted prior to the news of Josh Gordon's conditional reinstatement. Read our full analysis of Gordon's return HERE.

It looks like Fabiano pulled off the steal of the draft here, but we finished this mock draft before we knew Gordon was reinstated. He'll likely be a middle-round pick as we march closer and closer to the start of the season. Rishard Matthews and Jaelen Strong are excellent picks here, as both enter 2016 with something to prove and plenty of upside in young, improving offenses. Ertz coming off the board as the TE15 this late for Ciely is pretty, pretty nice.


  1. Tony Romo, Cowboys (QB15) - Milner
  2. Tyler Boyd, Bengals (WR63) - Wilk
  3. Cameron Artis-Payne, Panthers (WR64) - Koh
  4. Michael Thomas, Saints (WR65) - Ciely
  5. Steve Johnson, Chargers (WR66) - Harmon
  6. Terrance Williams, Cowboys (WR67) - Kilani
  7. Kenyan Drake, Dolphins (RB61) - Rank
  8. Jeff Janis, Packers (WR68) - Gelhar
  9. Darren Sproles, Eagles (RB62) - Fabiano
  10. Shane Vereen, Giants (RB63) - Grant
  11. Tim Hightower, Saints (RB64) - Franchise
  12. Breshad Perriman, Ravens (WR69) - Bonnema

I would expect Brandon LaFell to go ahead of Tyler Boyd in most drafts, but I can't fault Wilk for chasing upside with the more unknown commodity at the NFL level. Speaking of upside, I know he's raw, and I know he's only performed in one real game in the NFL, but I'll throw a 14th round dart at Jeff Janis in a 12-team league every single time.


  1. Chris Hogan, Patriots (WR70) - Bonnema
  2. Broncos D/ST (DEF3) - Franchise
  3. Albert Wilson, Chiefs (WR71) - Grant
  4. Chiefs D/ST (DEF4) - Fabiano
  5. Texans D/ST (DEF5) - Gelhar
  6. Martellus Bennett, Patriots (TE17) - Rank
  7. Panthers D/ST (DEF6) - Kilani
  8. Mike Gillislee, Bills (RB65) - Harmon
  9. Sammie Coates, Steelers (WR72) - Ciely
  10. Ty Montgomery, Packers (WR73) - Koh
  11. Rams D/ST (DEF7) - Wilk
  12. Quinton Patton, 49ers (WR74) - Milner

Some nice high-upside bench fliers in this round: Gillislee could be the new touchdown vulture behind Shady McCoy, Coates could push Markus Wheaton for the No. 2 wideout role in Pittsburgh, and Montgomery is in the mix for the Packers No. 3 wide receiver spot.

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