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Large NFL logo shown on the fifty yard line in an empty stadium

NFL in :60 Team

Ari Wolfe

Ari Wolfe serves as a news anchor for NFL Network Now news updates in addition to his regular reporting duties around the league.

John Schriffen

John joined NFL Network in 2017 and serves as a breaking news anchor. Schriffen also serves as a contributor to CBS Sports' coverage of college football and basketball.

Kyle Montgomery

Anchor Kyle Montgomery joined the NFL Network family in 2013. Along with anchoring on the NFL News desk, Montgomery contributes as a host for NFL NOW.

Omar Ruiz

Omar Ruiz joined the NFL Network in 2012 and has served a variety of roles for the network including his current role as a national reporter and news desk anchor for Up to the Minute.

Patrick Claybon

Patrick Claybon joined NFL Network in October 2014 and can be seen regularly as a news anchor on the update desk.

Steve Weissman

Steve Weissman joined NFL Network in 2015 to host the network's morning show NFL HQ. He now works as a news anchor on Up to the Minute and contributor to NFL Now.

Will Selva

Will Selva is an anchor for NFL Network and fill-in host on NFL Now. Selva joined NFL Network in January 2013.

How to Set Up

Amazon Alexa Logo

How to set up NFL in :60 with Amazon Alexa.

Ask Alexa to 'Play news from NFL flash briefing' or use the Alexa app to add to your Flash Briefing (instructions below).

Step One

Open the Alexa app on your phone

Step Two

Go to Settings > Flash Briefing

Step Three

Click Get more Flash Briefing content

Step Four

Find NFL in :60, tap Enable and you are good to go!

Enable the Flash Briefing by visiting the link below.

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How to set up NFL in :60 with Google Assistant
Step One

Open the Google Home app on your phone

Step Two

Go to Menu > More Settings

Step Three

Under Services, tap on News

Step Four

Tap Add News Sources and find NFL in :60, check the box and you are good to go!

For more detailed setup instructions for Google Assistant visit their website.