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2018 NFL Draft order and team needs: Nos. 11-20


This is the first-round order of the 2018 NFL Draft, with a look at the top positional needs for every team, through Conference Championship Weekend. The draft order is determined by record, and using strength of schedule as a tiebreaker (record and strength of schedule are official tiebreakers to determine the draft order).

Note: Strength of schedule is listed in parentheses. The tie between the Redskins and Packers was broken by their win-loss-tie percentages in common games. The tie between the Cowboys and Lions was broken by their win-loss-tie percentages in conference games.

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11. Miami Dolphins
Record: 6-10 (.543)
Top needs: OG, ILB, RB
The skinny: Miami should be looking for additional talent at guard, linebacker, defensive end and running back (following the Jay Ajayi trade to Philly).

12. Cincinnati Bengals
Record: 7-9 (.465)
Top needs: OL, QB, LB
The skinny: Cincinnati is struggling to run the ball and something has to be done about it up front. It wouldn't be surprising to see them looking around at QB. The Bengals might also be looking for help at LB.

13. Washington Redskins
Record: 7-9 (.539)
Top needs: QB, LB, S
The skinny: Until or unless a new deal gets done with Kirk Cousins, QB is the top priority. Finding a rangy stud linebacker to captain the defense should be one of their top priorities. The Redskins' safety play is just average and they need to improve in that area.

14. Green Bay Packers
Record: 7-9 (.539)
Top needs: CB, OL, WR
The skinny: They added a CB (Kevin King) in the 2017 draft, and it might be time to go back to the well at the position. The Packers could look to add competition along the offensive line. Randall Cobb is a potential cap casualty, so WR could become a priority.

15. Arizona Cardinals
Record: 8-8 (.488)
Top needs: QB, OL, WR
The skinny: The Cardinals have several pressing areas of need. The offensive line requires reinforcements and the time has come to make finding a QB the top priority for Arizona. With Larry Fitzgerald nearing the end of his career, the Cardinals could look for a big, talented target to pair with a "QB of the future".

16. Baltimore Ravens
Record: 9-7 (.441)
Top needs: WR, TE, RB
The skinny: The Ravens' offensive line should be in better shape once it gets healthy in the offseason, but the skill positions are in desperate need of upgrades. While wide receiver is the biggest need, the Ravens could use a three-down RB. The Ravens don't have much of a pass-catching threat at tight end.

17. Los Angeles Chargers
Record: 9-7 (.457)
Top needs: OT, QB, LB
The skinny: The Chargers need to find Philip Rivers' future successor and this might be the year to do it. While the defense has some blue-chip talent, the offensive line does not. The Chargers could look to find a rangy inside linebacker to fortify the defense.

18. Seattle Seahawks
Record: 9-7 (.492)
Top needs: OT, CB, OG
The skinny: The addition of Duane Brown certainly helps in the short term but tackle is still a spot that's worth a look. Adding help at guard is very possible. Richard Sherman's status with the team will be worth keeping an eye on again this offseason, as the Seahawks might need to find another CB.

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19. Dallas Cowboys
Record: 9-7 (.496)
Top needs: TE, DT, CB
The skinny: Jason Witten will turn 36 shortly after the draft and it's time to find the player who'll replace him. Adding a talented defensive tackle who can get upfield could be in play. The Cowboys lack high-end CBs and might look for a top talent at that spot.

20. Detroit Lions
Record: 9-7 (.496)
Top needs: DE, OG, LB
The skinny: The Lions could benefit from adding a strong edge rusher or maybe even two. Finding more talent and/or depth for the interior offensive line is a possibility, while adding another playmaker at LB should be under consideration.



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