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Bill Belichick tops 2017 NFL head coach power rankings

One head coach made going for it on fourth down no big deal. Another moved his chess pieces around so much he had a wideout masquerading as an RB1. And one of these guys decided to go for the touchdown in overtime of the biggest game of the year.

There can be no underestimating the effect coaches have on NFL games, as Jack Del Rio, Mike McCarthy and Bill Belichick displayed prominently last year. If the latter is the top of the ladder among the front men, who's next? (Wonderful album by The Who, by the way.) Who's 17th? Who's 29th? That's what we've endeavored to figure out. All things were considered: wins, impact, situation, experience and their immediate future.

So take a gander at the head coach pecking order, and then, if you wish, hunt and peck to enter your take on a keyboard ... @HarrisonNFL is the place for feedback.

Elliot Harrison