Raiders' Kelechi Osemele soaks in Icelandic hot spring


Players across the NFL have started their version of summer vacation.

For the next six weeks, team facilities are dark and players are free to do as they please until training camp. This is especially great news for Raiders left guard Kelechi Osemele, a man who does not spend his free time in front of an Xbox.

His most recent journey takes him to Iceland and what looks to be a supremely refreshing hot spring.

The tweet prompted a reply from Raiders coach Jack Del Rio.

Del Rio isn't always so supportive of Osemele's offseason activities. He had some well-founded concerns when Osemele posted video of white water rafting expedition in New Zealand.

Osemele went bungee jumping on that same vacation ...

And then there was the time Osemele almost set himself on fire ...

The Raiders should attempt to slip a house-arrest provision into Osemele's next contract.