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Ranking all 52 No. 1 picks of the NFL's common-draft era

If you're scoring at home, the 2019 NFL Draft will be the league's 53rd since the great college marketplace was turned into a single venture. Prior to 1967, the NFL and the AFL were employing their own drafts. That lasted until bidding wars for prospects with two suitors got too pricey. Thus, we now have one prime, combined NFL draft.

A couple years ago, I went through every draft since the two leagues merged this process, assessing the value of all the top overall picks ... a perfect 50 to go through. The list, and each player's journey, sparked much conversation. We now have 52 careers to document, as well as an update as to where many players stand. Why not reassess?

One note: More value was placed on those who paid off for their original franchises, as opposed to journeymen who produced a solid career with other outfits. Your thoughts are always valuable ... @HarrisonNFL is the place.

Elliot Harrison