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Comparing starting QBs from 2017 and 1992

Is quarterback play today really superior?

That's what I endeavored to find out, at least partially, by comparing the starting QB for each team today with his counterpart from 25 years ago. With a nod to Paul Zimmerman, a transcendent football writer who compared passers 20 years apart in 2008, I decided to build in a market correction for the proliferation of the passing game between the eras of Dak Prescott and Troy Aikman.

It was a bit complicated, but the QBEA (Quarterback Era Adjustment) shed much light on the '92 elite as contrasted with 2017's projected starters. Further details on the QBEA are provided at the end of this piece. Also, there were just 28 teams in 1992 -- meaning you won't find comparisons for the Panthers, Jaguars, Ravens or Texans, as there was no one to compare those QBs to.

Let's dive in ...

Elliot Harrison Analyst