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Zierlein mock draft 5.0: Mahomes taken ahead of Watson

School: Texas A&M. No reason to get cute here. Cleveland goes with the top-rated talent.

School: Stanford. Sorry, but the name "Shanahan" has never been synonomous with leaks, and too many have been getting out lately. Feels like a smoke screen to entice a trade.

School: Alabama. Allen is tough to call because his draft stock is tied to his medical reports. If healthy, he's a good fit here.

School: LSU. Fournette could be the target of the 49ers with the No. 2 pick, but if not, Jacksonville should be his destination.

School: Ohio State. The best pure cover corner in this draft goes to a team that needs his services badly.

School: Alabama. Top flight athlete with the ability to stretch the field or block in-line. The Jets would love to move back.

School: LSU. If Adams and Hooker are both on the board here, it could be an interesting call. This could also be the spot Cleveland targets for a trade-up for Mitchell Trubisky.

School: Stanford. While I don't have a grade quite this high on McCaffrey, it's hard to argue with the overall value he brings to a team. He would help jump-start Carolina's offense.

School: Temple. One of the fastest risers in the postseason, Reddick offers the Bengals a weapon who can be deployed from several spots along the front seven.

School: Clemson. The Bills could turn to a quarterback in this spot with Reddick -- their target -- off the board, but finding a receiver here is a logical choice.

School: Alabama. The Saints are supposedly smitten with Humphrey's size, speed and toughness. They could use all three in the secondary.

School: North Carolina. The kid who grew up a Browns fan will get his wish to play for Cleveland if the Browns decide to move up in the draft.

School: Ohio State. Hooker is a tremendous talent and he might not fall this far, but if he does, it's because teams are concerned with the duration of his recovery from surgery.

School: Tennessee. The Eagles need help at a few positions, but Barnett gives them a physical pass rusher whom Jim Schwartz should love.

School: Washington. Long man-to-man cornerback who improves the Colts' size, talent, and ball skills outside.

School: Western Michigan. The Ravens might have to choose between a pass-catcher and Reuben Foster here, but Davis is a talented target who could compete for early reps.

School: Alabama. Foster could fall due to off-field concers and worries about injuries, but he fits a need for the Redskins, bringing a tough playmaker into the fold.

School: Washington. Speed galore. Ross gives Marcus Mariota a deep target and keeps opposing safeties away from the line of scrimmage.

School: Florida State. The Bucs like Cook, but they could also look for a pass rusher here as well.

School: Alabama. With Mike McCoy running the offense, the Broncos could look toward Robinson to provide more power in the running attack.

School: Missouri. Talented pass rusher who needs to find the right home. Will 4-3 teams consider him a full-time defensive end?

School: Michigan. Has all the talent in the world but lacks consistency. Miami needs an edge player with rush potential and that is Charlton all day.

School: Miami. Njoku could get taken earlier than anyone expects. He's still raw but it doesn't take much tape to see all that upside.

School: Florida. The Raiders would be a perfect match for Davis and vice versa. His physical demeanor and athletic traits are much-needed in the middle for Oakland.

School: Texas Tech. Could Houston have their pick of either Mahomes or Watson? Maybe, maybe not, but if Mahomes is there, I think he comes off the board as the 25th pick.

School: Wisconsin. This is a wild-card spot with names like Obi Melifonwu and Daeshon Hall possibly emerging as surpise selections. Ramczyk, however, is a smart pick.

School: Colorado. Surprise name makes it into the first round. Many teams believe he goes in the first. His in-your-face style and good size could grab the Chiefs' interest.

School: Florida. Rod Marinelli's defense will require a cornerback with cover talent in zone and a willingness to hit. With so many holes in the secondary, drafting this position is a strong possibility.

School: UCLA. If McKinley were to fall to Green Bay, it might be seen as a huge win inside their war room as they are in desperate need of a pass rusher. And we know about their affinity for players from UCLA.

School: Ole Miss. Kevin Colbert tends to look for the best players rather than just ones with upside. Engram is a productive pass-catcher from a strong conference. He fits the profile.

School: Western Kentucky. Atlanta could look for the top available talent here or even trade out. However, Lamp is clearly the best guard in this draft and that is something the Falcons need.

School: Clemson. To be clear, I think Watson could end up going here, but it might not be with the Saints. Getting a fifth-year option on him as a first-round pick would be appealing for teams.

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