Will Muschamp provides update on injury to Dominique Easley


Florida defensive lineman Dominique Easley injured his knee at practice Tuesday, and UF coach Will Muschamp indicated on the Southeastern Conference media teleconference that the standout senior's knee isn't seriously injured, but that a full diagnosis is still pending.

"He planted to run on a screen, and just tweaked it a little bit, and we think he'll be fine. ... We just need more information right now, so we're going through that process at this time," Muschamp said.

Other indications, however, suggest the injury could be more serious. Twitter chatter on Easley's injury was that he would miss the season with a torn ACL. Muschamp's comments contradicted all of that, until, at almost the exact moment that Muschamp suggested Easley's knee is OK, Easley himself posted this cryptic tweet:

Easley's account is protected, but he was retweeted by Matt Hayes of The Sporting News and other media.

It is worth noting that Easley has been known to have some fun with the press and with Twitter, so it wouldn't be totally surprising if Easley followed up today with a "gotcha" tweet. Easley is expected, at the least, to miss Wednesday's practice. Easley has been a strong contributor to UF's vaunted defense thus far this season, and is regarded highly as an NFL draft prospect.

UPDATE:Florida announced Wednesday evening that Easley will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL.

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