Who gets drafted first, Randy Gregory or Shane Ray?

CHICAGO -- Four NFL Media analysts predict who will be drafted first between Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory or Missouri pass rusher Shane Ray, two top prospects who are facing a potential slip in the draft due to concerns over marijuana. Gregory failed a drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine, which was at least his third failed test including two in college. Ray was cited for possession of marijuana earlier this week.

Daniel Jeremiah

"Ray goes first. If he'd have done this (possession citation) in October, it would all be forgotten now, but his timing was terrible. But you can't over blow what the incident was, and I still think he's got a chance to go in the 20s. Randy Gregory, there you have a concern about addiction. I don't think that's what you have with Shane Ray."

Kurt Warner

"I think Gregory goes first. One's issues came a lot earlier than the other. But from what I hear, I think a lot of teams like Gregory is a little bit better as a player. From that standpoint, I think he goes a little bit higher. Arms is everything as a pass rusher, that's what you win with, because (offensive tackles) can't get to you."

[Editor's note: Ray's arms measure 33 1/8 inches, Gregory's arms are 34 inches]

Curtis Conway

"I would still go with Shane Ray. I love his motor. I love watching him on run downs. Some guys are disinterested when the ball comes at them, but he isn't."

Charles Davis

"I think one is out of the first round, and the other is hanging by a thread. I think Ray is still in the first round. I don't think his background is as bad. I think (Gregory) is out of the first round. I'll be more surprised if his name is called in the first round than if it isn't."

Verdict: Three of four NFL Media analysts think Ray will be selected before Gregory.

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