Watch: Baylor's 410-pound TE LaQuan McGowan makes catch

Baylor head coach Art Briles generated some major buzz when he used 410-pounder LaQuan McGowan as a tight end in the Cotton Bowl earlier this year, as the big man connected with quarterback Bryce Petty for an 18-yard touchdown catch.

Though the Bears lost the game to Michigan State, they might have discovered something at the tight end position and have been giving McGowan reps as a pass-catcher during spring football.

The creative use of the converted offensive lineman was on full display during the team's Friday scrimmage, in which the big man was seen rumbling, bumbling and stumbling to a big gain over the middle.

It appears ball security is the only thing McGowan needs to work on, judging by those clips.

"I didn't think I would get moved to tight end this year," McGowan told reporters after the practice. "I thought (the Cotton Bowl) was a one-time deal."

Thankfully, for all of us, and the Bears especially, the move to tight end for McGowan was not just a one-time thing.

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