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Von Miller: 'Johnny Manziel is not an easy guy to sack'


Denver Broncos linebacker and pass rusher Von Miller admits he may not have the most objective viewpoint on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

But while acknowledging he remains "an Aggie all the way," he sees Manziel fitting in well at the NFL level.

"I look at the quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and RGIII and all these other quarterbacks that are able to move around and still get it done with his arm," Miller said. "I don't see why Johnny Manziel can't get the job done. I think he'll do a great job in the NFL."

Miller never was a teammate of Manziel's at Texas A&M, missing each other by a year, yet the bond transcends. Miller has tallied 32 career sacks less than three years into his career, so it's not surprising he identified himself as one of the few pass rushers who could corral Manziel.

"Johnny Manziel is not an easy guy to sack, but you've just got to keep going," he said. "You've got to keep hunting. You've got to be relentless. Johnny Manziel, he makes a lot of plays happen, but if you stay after him and be relentless, I feel like you can get him down. I feel like I can get him down, most definitely. He makes guys miss. He might make you miss one or two times, you've just got to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself."

One can just sense the chatter among the league's pass rushers about who could tackle the Aggies dynamo, and who could not.

Meanwhile, Manziel has been mum about his pending early-entry decision. And his fans have absolutely not.

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