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USC's Josh Shaw named in police report, not called a suspect


The Josh Shaw story at USC continues to get more bizarre with each passing hour.

After Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian told reporters on Tuesday that the school had received information contradicting claims the cornerback had rescued his nephew in a pool, another twist in the story appeared to surface on Wednesday.

According to, a Rivals affiliate, Shaw is named in a Los Angeles Police Department report concerning an off-campus incident but has not been named a suspect in the case. The website stated that the LAPD is investigating a report of a break-in on Saturday in which the suspect apparently jumped off a three-story balcony at a Downtown L.A. apartment complex.

An LAPD spokeswoman told the website that officers responded to a complaint that a female was screaming for help.

"The person that lives in that apartment returned and talked about her roommates and her boyfriend, who she identified as Josh Shaw," an LAPD spokeswoman told the site. "The victim's boyfriend had a similar description to the suspect seen leaving the apartment -- male, black, with dreadlocks. She said, 'That's my boyfriend.'

"The investigation is still ongoing," the LAPD added. "At this point there is no named suspect on the report. Josh Shaw is only named as the boyfriend of the resident."

In a story that surfaced on Monday on the school's website, USC officials said Shaw suffered two high ankle sprains after jumping from a second-story balcony to save his nephew, who was in distress in a pool nearby. The event allegedly occurred in the late hours of Saturday night in Shaw's hometown of Palmdale, Calif., not too long after he was named a team captain.

Speaking to reporters after practice Wednesday, Sarkisian said all information has been turned over to campus authorities and that they are handling an investigation into the matter. Shaw was not seen by reporters at practice and has not spoken with the media.

"It's pretty clear there are quite a few conflicting stories out there," Sarkisian said. "Quite honestly we're in somewhat of a holding pattern. Anything I do get that I can provide you guys, I will. Believe me, I will."

USC opens its season on Saturday at home against Fresno State. No telling how many more twists the story will take by the time the Trojans take the field then.

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