Treadwell had front-row seat for Tunsil's dramatic drop

Nothing was nearly as hard in the NFL draft green room Thursday night than being Laremy Tunsil, but sitting beside him as a teammate wasn't easy, either.

Laquon Treadwell did his best to console his Ole Miss teammate as pick after pick went off the board long after he was expected to be chosen, thanks to a Twitter video of Tunsil smoking from a bong through a gas mask posted to Tunsil's account by a hacker just minutes before the draft. But even Treadwell was at a loss for words.

"Me, Robert (Nkemdiche) and Laremy all sat close to each other and I just tried to support him," Treadwell said. "I told him I was sorry, things happen ... I don't know, I couldn't put it to him where he could understand."

Tunsil's agony finally ended when the Miami Dolphins picked him with the No. 13 overall choice. Nkemdiche described the scene as "heartbreaking."

"I knew he would be alright. I knew he would get picked by someone, and that he would be out to prove himself. I could see it in his face that it looked like he just wanted to go play when all that came out. He was frustrated, picking up his phone, going through a bunch of different things. I just supported him."

Treadwell said he pulled out his phone "five or six" times when Tunsil would get a phone call, expecting to capture his former teammate's special moment. None of those calls were the one he was waiting for, however. Instead, Tunsil was reportedly having to explain the video to NFL teams.

"Then the time he got drafted, I didn't have my phone out," Treadwell said.

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