Top 5 2014 NFL Draft prospects by position: Quarterbacks

The 2014 quarterback class doesn't have a sure bet at the position, but features a pair of intriguing franchise quarterback possibilities in Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel. While Bridgewater is the classic pocket passer capable of fitting into any system, Manziel is a budding star capable of changing the game with his spectacular improvisational skills. Blake Bortles is the wild card of the group with a set of physical tools that could make him an elite player in time.

1. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

The most polished pocket passer in the college game has seemingly been underappreciated by the masses. However, keen evaluators will appreciate Bridgewater's high football IQ, management skills and leadership ability as a potential franchise quarterback. Questions about his slender frame have led to concerns about his durability, but Aaron Rodgers entered the league with similar physical dimensions/athletic traits and things turned out well for the former league MVP.

2. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

Russell Wilson's success as a diminutive quarterback has paved the way for Manziel to walk into the league viewed as a legitimate franchise player. The former Heisman Trophy winner is a spectacular improvisational playmaker with a vastly improved game from the pocket. Additionally, Manziel has displayed an ultra-competitive on-field demeanor that raises the play of his teammates. While questions persist about his rock-star lifestyle, it's hard to dispute his performance or production on game days.

The biggest "boom-or-bust" candidate in the 2014 class. Bortles fascinates scouts with his prototypical physical dimensions, arm talent and athleticism, but his game is not nearly as polished as his counterparts'. If he blows scouts away with his numbers and performance at the combine, it's quite possible he could come off the board before Bridgewater and Manziel despite the rough spots in his game.

4. AJ McCarron, Alabama

McCarron's game isn't properly appreciated by observers preferring sizzle over substance, but his steady hand and superb game-management skills are essential to winning at a high level. If surrounded by a strong supporting cast, McCarron is more than capable of guiding a team to the postseason as an efficient point guard from the pocket.

5. Derek Carr, Fresno State

The senior standout has the tools to be a quality starter as a pro. Carr capably makes tight-rope throws to all areas of the field with zip and velocity, while also displaying impressive ball placement and accuracy on touch throws. Scouts still have concerns about his poise under pressure and inflated numbers in the Bulldogs' bubble screen-heavy offense, but he has shown enough growth as a playmaker this season to merit serious consideration as a top candidate.

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