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Todd Gurley investigation took just two days, Georgia AD says

The investigation into whether Georgia tailback Todd Gurley accepted money for signing autographs was done quickly because Gurley admitted breaking NCAA rules.

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity told reporters Tuesday that the school received information about Gurley on Oct. 7; the information included what McGarity called a "bothersome" video that allegedly showed him in a car taking cash for autographs and memorabilia.

McGarity said the school interviewed another person in the car and that the investigation was finished by Oct. 9.

"We knew there was another individual in the car," McGarity told reporters. "We were provided information on who that person might be. Our legal counsel followed up on that. Had a conversation with him, verified certain facts, Todd verified those facts, and that's why it was a quick investigation."

Gurley was found to have taken $3,000 in two years, and the NCAA suspended Gurley for four games; the suspension ends after Saturday's contest against Kentucky.

"The evidence was there, the numbers were accurate," McGarity said. "That's all there is to it."

McGarity also said the school is considering legal action against those who paid Gurley. "I think the university will certainly discuss that and review that process, absolutely," he said.

Gurley is expected to return for the Nov. 15 home game against Auburn. The suspension should have zero impact on Gurley's draft status -- and could be viewed as a positive, one NFC South scout told NFL Media analysts last month.

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