Tim Tebow to Jameis Winston: Time to grow up, be a leader


While Jameis Winston is having trouble making good decisions, that never seemed to be a problem for Tim Tebow.

And now the former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from Florida is attempting to counsel Florida State's reigning Heisman-winning quarterback from afar, calling on Winston, who sat out FSU's 23-17 overtime escape against Clemson, to be a better leader, while  offering other words of wisdom.

"I hope he can see that and understand that these kids are going to watch him and they're going to follow him and it's his responsibility to lead them in a good direction," Tebow said on ESPN's Sportscenter Saturday. "And that's my prayer for him."

The latest black mark against Winston came within 24 hours of the Seminoles' kickoff against Clemson, when FSU stretched their half-game suspension to the entire game for an incident in which Winston yelled an obscene phrase last week in a public setting on campus. A number of tweets from FSU students immediately surfaced stating Winston stood on a table near the school's student union and yelled a vulgar remark toward women.

"I have two sisters and a mom and what was said just isn't okay," Tebow said. "My hope and my prayer for Jameis is that he can find wise counsel and that he can find people that will invest in him and invest in his life ... he has something that's more important to live for than just the moment."

Winston was accused of sexual assault of a female student in 2012. No charges were filed against him in the case, but Florida State recently opened up a Title IX investigation of its own.

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