Tim Tebow among worst NFL draft picks of FWAA team


The Football Writers Association of America released it's 75th Anniversary All-America team Thursday, honoring 75 of the best college football players from the World War II era to present.

Naturally, the list also happens to be dotted with some of the greatest NFL players of all-time. But several members of the 75th anniversary team had far better college than pro careers, particularly given how early some of them were chosen in the NFL draft. With that, College Football 24/7 looks at five of the best draft picks on the team, and five of the worst:

Best picks

1. QB Roger Staubach

Drafted: Tenth round (No. 129 overall), Dallas Cowboys.

NFL career:Staubach won five NFC titles in the 1970s as the Cowboys became "America's Team."**

2. WR Jerry Rice

Drafted: First round (No. 16 overall), San Francisco 49ers.

NFL career: An easy Pro Football Hall of Famer widely regarded as the greatest wide receiver to ever play.

3. OL Jonathan Ogden

Drafted: First round (No. 4 overall), Baltimore Ravens.

NFL career: Ogden was an 11-time Pro Bowler and part of the Ravens' Super Bowl XXXV championship team.

4. LB Mike Singletary

Drafted: Second round (No. 38 overall), Chicago Bears.

NFL career: The 10-time Pro Bowler was the undisputed leader of the 1985 Super Bowl champion Bears team.

5. LB Jack Ham

Drafted: Second round (No. 34 overall), Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL career: Ham was a part of four Super Bowl titles with the Steelers.

Worst picks

*1. DL Steve Emtman *

Drafted:First round (No. 1 overall), Indianapolis Colts.

NFL career:Injuries didn't allow Emtman to play more than nine games in any of his three seasons in Indianapolis.*

*2. K/P Russell Erxleben *

Drafted:First round (No. 11 overall), New Orleans Saints.

NFL career:Erxleben lasted six unremarkable seasons in the NFL as a punter*. *

*3. Brian Bosworth *

Drafted:First round, supplemental draft (No. 22), Seattle Seahawks.

NFL career:Injuries cut Bosworth's pro career short (three seasons).

*4. RB Archie Griffin *

Drafted:First round (No. 24 overall), Cincinnati Bengals.

*5. QB Tim Tebow *

Drafted:First round (No. 25 overall), Denver Broncos.

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