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Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury a Ryan Gosling look-alike?


Kliff Kingsbury is getting noticed, and not just because Texas Tech is undefeated and ranked in both the AP and USA Today Polls.

The 34-year old Kingsbury was featured in a profile on E! News, which opens by focusing on how the first-time head coach looks like actor Ryan Gosling. It also notes Kingsbury's reputation as a fashion plate, which even extends to the influence he has over what uniforms the Red Raiders wear, including the all-gray alternate look they wore in their nationally-televised 20-10 win over TCU.

About his heartthrob status, Kingsbury said, "It's not like there's a bunch of supermodels in this profession, so you kind of take it with a grain of salt."

The feature is already raising Kingsbury's profile outside of football.

If Kingsbury ever decides to pursue a career in Hollywood, a phone call to his former pupil, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, might be all that is required. Kingsbury was Manziel's offensive coordinator last season, when the redshirt sophomore won the Heisman Trophy, leading to Manziel's friendship with rapper and actor Drake.

Drake defended the ever-divisive Manziel during an appearance on ESPN on Tuesday to promote the release of his new album.

And if Texas is feeling left out by the lack of starpower on the sidelines compared with its in-state brethren, it could always reach out to actor Matthew McConaughey.

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