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Texas A&M sets rules for team-sanctioned autograph session

As the NCAA investigates whether Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel jeopardized his eligibility by selling his autograph, the school's Aug. 24 "Meet the Aggies" day comes this season with a few rules.

Manziel, who allegedly signed thousands of items over at least six sessions with memorabilia dealers, is continuing to practice with the team while the NCAA and TAMU investigate whether he was paid for those sessions. Johnny Football will be at the event, presumably will sign, and will even pose for photos.

But don't bring your memorabilia. Items such as helmets, footballs, jerseys and photos won't be allowed, according to Instead, fans will receive an "autograph card", or a poster with limited availability on which to get player signatures.

That would appear to be a departure from past policy, as this photo of a past "Meet the Aggies" event, posted on the official TAMU athletics site, suggests.

It's a new era for autographs.

Sanctioned ones, anyway.

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