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Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin cancels practice for movie night

Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin has a reputation as a player's coach, one who knows how to keep things fun. Players, in turn, love playing for him.

The grind of fall camp, particularly in Texas' August heat, can make even a player's coach seem like a taskmaster. But on Thursday, Sumlin managed to put a smile on his players' faces anyway. He canceled practice so the team could go to the movies, and you could say the news went over fairly well with the Aggies:

The trick to the surprise, of course, is to lead the players to believe they are headed to practice as usual. With the team dressed in half pads and ready to go to work, it's obvious Sumlin and his staff planned the surprise for the moment when the players would appreciate the break most: Just before hitting the practice field.

Per a tweet from an Aggies freshman wide receiver, the team went to see the comedy "Let's Be Cops".

Of course, there probably won't be anything funny about Friday's practice. But for one day, at least, fall camp brought something to laugh about.

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