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Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel misses basketball layup


Johnny Basketball, he's not.

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel might be a wizard with a football in his hand, but basketball doesn't appear to be his sport. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner, who is considering leaving college two seasons early for the NFL, took part in a skills challenge as part of a Chik-fil-A Bowl event at an Atlanta Hawks game Saturday. And when he missed a simple layup in front of an NBA crowd, he wasn't too happy about it.

But it's not just missing the easiest shot in the game in front of thousands that stings. It's the ribbing he'll surely endure from teammates as well:

Continuing to be coy about the NFL decision, however, Manziel did give a slam dunk of a non-answer when asked about that topic in his pregame news conference.

"Nowhere even close (to making a decision) ... I haven't had any more time with the bowl practice we had at College Station. Didn't get a chance to really do much," he said.

Projections on Manziel continue to range in the first round of the May 8-10 draft, perhaps among the top 12 picks overall.

Where he'd get chosen in a pick-up hoops game, however, is far more questionable.

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