Texas A&M chancellor says Johnny Manziel is innocent


Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp says TAMU quarterback Johnny Manziel is innocent of allegations that he profited from thousands of autographs signed for memorabilia dealers.

That's what Steve Fullhart of KBTX-TV has teased regarding an interview with Sharp that will air this evening:

That's by far the most definitive statement yet made on behalf of Manziel. In fact, other than a few perfunctory remarks from Manziel attorney Jim Darnell and director of athletics Eric Hyman, it's been the only statement. Texas A&M opens the season against Rice Aug. 31, and if the NCAA does not rule on Manziel's eligibility status soon, the school will be forced to choose whether to play Manziel, and risk the chance of vacated wins if he is later found ineligible, or to sit him until the NCAA investigation is complete.

Sharp also has taken aim at the quality of ESPN reporting as it pertains to the NCAA investigation of Manziel.

Statesman.com reported that Sharp emailed Texas A&M supporters with criticism of ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, saying he has "been duped before," and saying "It is surprising that the nation's largest sports channel would support publication with this lack of corroboration."

The full text of that email can be read here.

Remember, it was also Sharp who minced no words in commenting about the merit of the very NCAA rules that hold Manziel's eligibility at risk.

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