Terrelle Pryor can participate in Browns scrimmage at Ohio State


The NCAA will not consider former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor to be in violation of a five-year ban from OSU facilities if he participates in the Cleveland Browns' scrimmage scheduled for Ohio Stadium on Aug. 7.

Pryor was hit with the ban after he refused to cooperate with an NCAA investigation into the program in 2011 that resulted in probation and scholarship reductions, among other penalties.

An NCAA statement provided to the Columbus Dispatch addressed the matter: "He should be allowed to participate as a member of the Cleveland Browns when they are on campus at Ohio State in August, if he is a member of the team. His participation should be identical to that of all team members, with no special accommodations provided to him due to his Ohio State affiliation."

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith had said Tuesday the school was seeking clarification on Pryor's status for the scrimmage. The Cincinnati Bengals released the former Buckeyes star on June 18. When the Browns picked up Pryor, who is trying to extend his pro career as a wide receiver, the question about his ban became an issue for the Buckeyes because of the Browns' scheduled "Orange and Brown" scrimmage at the OSU facility.

Based on comments Pryor has made in the past about his relationship with the school, however, one wonders if he might extend the ban himself beyond its five-year term. Expect Pryor to be asked again about his feelings about his former school at the scrimmage, presuming he is still on the roster at the time.

But don't expect the answer to be any different.

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