South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier sticks up for Buckeyes

Ohio State's schedule began with a trouncing of Buffalo, ended with a narrow win over a Michigan team that went 3-5 in the Big Little Ten Conference, and offered the Buckeyes very little resistance in between. But if Ohio State faces Florida State in the BCS National Championship Game, don't talk to South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier about schedules.

Because he likes Ohio State's schedule over the Seminoles'.

"You know what I think is interesting? Everybody is picking on Ohio State. Their schedule was ranked tougher than FSU's," Spurrier said, according to "Did you know that? Everybody's picking on how Ohio State hasn't played anybody. I said, 'Well, what about FSU?' They beat Clemson, and that's about it."

OK, so it's not terribly surprising that a former Florida Gators player and coach, particularly the always-candid Spurrier, took a poke at Florida State. Spurrier spent a lot of years at Florida trying to beat FSU when the Seminoles were a more consistently dominant program, and managed to go just 5-8-1 with a pretty dominant program of his own.

But Spurrier's point is tough to argue.

FSU's non-conference schedule was supposed to have been reasonably tough, including Pittsburgh, Florida, and a Nevada team that had been to eight straight bowl games. But Pittsburgh sputtered to 6-6, Florida was pitiful, and Nevada stumbled to 4-8. In ACC play, a thrashing of Clemson is about the only win that FSU fans can point to.

And it's the only one Spurrier could point to, as well.

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