Sources Tell Us: What we heard on Day 2 of scouting combine

INDIANAPOLIS -- We listened in on what every NFL coach and general manager had to say Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine, and when they weren't addressing their current team's roster, they were discussing the draft and its players. Here's some of the more interesting things we heard on Day 2, and an attempt to make sense of it all:

The scoop: "We have eight draft picks and we'll devote a large portion of those to the defensive side of the ball. The first three years were focused on the offensive side of the ball and that side will continue to mature. And now it's really time to focus on the defense." -- Jaguars GM David Caldwell

The skinny: The Jaguars showed in 2015 they have an offense built for scoring, and it was built through three straight offensive-heavy drafts. Caldwell now needs to get defensive. He said he wants to copy what Denver has done by building up its defense over the last five years with early defensive picks. Jacksonville owns the No. 5 pick, and interestingly, in our analyst five mock drafts, there are four different defensive picks for the Jaguars, with one player (CB Jalen Ramsey) twice making an appearance in the No. 5 slot.

The scoop: "Christian's a very talented guy, but there's a lot of talented quarterbacks in this league. To stand up here and answer whether a guy has starting ability, I mean it is very, very difficult to start at quarterback in this league." -- Texans coach Bill O'Brien

The skinny: It was a strange tap dance for O'Brien on Thursday. He was pelted with one Hackenberg question after another and deflecting much of it. But this is not going away anytime soon. The Texans need a quarterback (ask their owner how badly) and O'Brien had success coaching Hackenberg at Penn State. This one's too easy.

The scoop: "It's a priority for us. You talked to coach (Doug) Pederson before, he talked about how important it is, we're going to build along the lines. A lot of the resources we've already spent in the offseason have been along those lines. As we get in here and look at all the prospects, it's an important priority for us." -- Eagles GM Howie Roseman

The skinny: Roseman hasn't drafted an offensive lineman the last two years. It has to kill him -- and Eagles fans alike -- to see what Dallas has been able to do in the draft to set them up along the line for years to come. Roseman trotted out a stat that said Philly led the league in most offensive linemen drafted from 2000 to 2013. That could be true, but not bringing in young O-line talent through the draft for two straight years has hurt. With a pretty deep crop of OL in this draft, expect that streak to end.

The scoop: "We're always in the market at all the positions. I'm not trying to be vague or general, but it's hard to say. We're always searching and we're always trying to get better. Tight end is a position that we value, but we value a lot of other positions as well." -- Packers GM Ted Thompson

The skinny: Classic Ted Thompson. He says more without saying anything than just about any GM in the league. He won't say it, but the Packers most likely be taking a tight end in this draft, and probably try to shore up this major deficiency in free agency, as well. Unfortunately for Green Bay, it's not a particularly strong tight end draft.

The scoop: "I do have a fondness of UCLA linebackers because I have two, but I don't really know enough about him yet. I hear good things, but that's it." -- Vikings coach Mike Zimmer on LB Myles Jack

The skinny: With ultra-productive UCLA linebackers Eric Kendricks and Anthony Barr already on the roster, there's no doubt the Vikings would love to find a way to add Jack. Picking 23rd, however, they won't have a shot at Jack, who is destined for the top 10.

The scoop: "You're not going to say a guy's soft because he's not doing this or that. But if a guy just flat-out crosses his arms and says 'I'm not doing it,' that's where it's going to turn you off. You want a guy to compete in this arena. You want the cream to rise to the top. ... I like seeing guys get in there and get personal bests and do freakish things. That's something that sticks with you." -- Colts GM Ryan Grigson

The skinny: Two healthy players we know of that won't be full participants in drills are WR Laquon Treadwell (won't run the 40) and Indiana RB Jordan Howard (will only participate in position drills and the bench). Treadwell is Lance Zierlein's No. 1 wideout and Howard is his No. 2 running back. This can't make teams with needs at these respective positions happy, but in the end it won't likely matter.

The scoop: "In all drafts, there are good football players, and I think you're always going to look to, if you can add, especially a good offensive skill player, you're going to do it. Because scoring points does help you win. So in this draft, I don't want to give too many cards away, but we do like some wide receivers in this draft." -- Rams GM Les Snead

The skinny: Snead is correct; this draft has some good wideouts. Maybe not the depth of the past two drafts, but there is some talent there. Behind Tavon Austin, the Rams don't have much. We wouldn't be surprised if they spend multiple picks to improve this area.

The scoop: "Chuck Muncie was pretty good." -- Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome on Derrick Henry comparison

The skinny: That's going back a few years. Muncie was the No. 3 overall pick in 1976, and enjoyed a Pro Bowl career with the Saints and Chargers. Like Muncie, Henry is 6-foot-3 but has almost a 20-pound advantage. Count Newsome as a fan. "He won the Heisman and he helped Alabama win a national championship," Newsome said. "That's all good for me, man. That's all good."

The scoop: "We're picking sixth and when we get to the first night of the draft, we will have six players graded and be ready to pick one of those six. Five could go and one of them could be left for us. That's the way we operate. We've got to come up with six really good football players that we feel like can come in and help the Baltimore Ravens this year." -- Newsome

The skinny: The Ravens are in unfamiliar territory. The last time they had a top-10 pick was 13 years ago, and the last time they had a pick this high was in 2000 when they selected RB Jamal Lewis No. 5 overall. Not sure what Newsome's list will look like, but here's Daniel Jeremiah's top six: OT Laremy Tunsil, S Jalen Ramsey, LB Myles Jack, DE Joey Bosa, DT DeForest Buckner, RB Ezekiel Elliott.

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