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Should Jameis Winston have been ejected for 'shoving' official?

Former NFL vice president of officiating and current FOX broadcaster Mike Pereira wrote Saturday that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston should have been ejected for shoving an official during a win over Boston College.

Thankfully, the officials actually officiating the game -- and not watching the game on TV -- decided that Winston's actions didn't even deserve a penalty.

With the score tied at 17 late in the third quarter, FSU had the ball and made a substitution. As he's supposed to do, official Michael Webster stopped FSU from snapping the ball until BC had a chance to substitute. Obviously sensing a schematic advantage, Winston wanted the ball snapped. But Webster held his ground and didn't allow it.

Pereira said Winston then shoved Webster and should've been penalized and even ejected. Well, that's one interpretation. Another is that Winston just wanted the ball snapped quickly and wanted Webster out of the way.

"He was just holding it because he said we had a substitution," Winston told reporters afterward. "It was actually a fast-tempo play, but I was trying to get up under there and let it ride."

FSU coach Jimbo Fisher told reporters he was pleased nothing was called. "I think they understood what was going on," he said.

It's easy to criticize Winston for his off-field issues and his high interception total. Criticizing him for trying to take advantage of an opponent making a slow substitution? Come on.

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