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Seantrel Henderson says he has told teams about marijuana use

Miami offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson has told NFL teams that marijuana use led to some suspensions in college.

"I'm just being honest with every team and letting them know exactly what the situations were, and that I'm putting all the negative things behind me moving on to the next level," Henderson told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "I want to be a starter and play in the NFL.

"I'm showing my character. Showing them that I'm responsible, reliable, dependable. I want to keep letting them know all the negative things are behind me."

Henderson measured almost 6-foot-7 and 331 pounds at Monday's weigh-in for the Reese's Senior Bowl. He is gifted physically -- he is mammoth and has a huge wingspan and excellent coordination -- but had a checkered college career, including three suspensions.

He was a consensus top-three player nationally out of high school in the Minneapolis area in 2010, but he started just 24 games in his UM career (nine of those came in his freshman season) and coaches knocked him for his lack of consistency and focus. In addition, while he is considered a prototype left tackle, he played mostly on the right side for Miami.

Henderson started six games this season at right tackle and missed one game because of a suspension; it was the third time in as many seasons that Henderson missed at least a game because of a suspension.

One NFL executive who spoke to the Sun-Sentinel on the condition of anonymity said that "as long as he doesn't fail the combine's drug test, we can get past that. Plenty of teams take chances on players with his talent."

One team that evidently won't consider Henderson is the Philadelphia Eagles; reported that the Eagles no longer had interest in Henderson.

Henderson is at or near the top of the "buyer-beware" list in this draft. He has the potential to be a dominant lineman; he also could be a wasted draft pick.

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