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Scout: I would take Dak Prescott over Cardale Jones


Our analysts are constantly talking to NFL and college sources about players in the college game. In this space each week, they will share some of what NFL folks are discussing in their circles.

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The scoop: "He's big and he can move. He's just OK as a downfield passer but he takes care of the ball. I would take him before Cardale (Jones) for sure. He might sneak into the second day (of the draft)." -- NFC area scout on Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott

The skinny: While Prescott is a senior, Jones is a junior who faces a decision on whether to apply for draft eligibility or return to Ohio State for the 2016 season. Prescott took college football by storm in 2014, but he hasn't generated the same buzz in 2015 despite putting together a more efficient campaign. Scouts love Prescott's thickly-built frame and ability to take a hit when he is running with the ball, which he does fairly well. However, it appears as though Prescott is making a conscious attempt to prove to NFL teams that he can be a pocket passer at the next level. Prescott's called runs are down this season and he has been charted with just five "scrambles" in 2015 compared to 24 last season. While this scout might have a point about Prescott being an average downfield passer, his production in the SEC, willingness to work from the pocket and ability to take care of the football should boost his draft stock as the process evolves.

* * *

The scoop: "He's been the hot ticket and talk in college football this year, and there is no denying his talent, but I see him as best served by going back to school. He needs more heft to give him a bit more padding and body armor, and the more starts and situations that he sees in college, the better. Plus, his team keeps improving, and success can never be underestimated for a QB." -- NFC personnel director on Cal QB Jared Goff

The skinny: Goff, a junior, will have a decision to make on whether to apply for draft eligibility after the season or return for his senior year at Cal. He certainly has generated plenty of buzz this season, and there's no denying his talent, potential, and that NFL teams would like to see him bulk up.

* * *

The scoop: "He's being evaluated at both spots, but the strong feeling is that his playmaking ability is best served as a safety, where his speed and size will allow him to best match tight ends, and slot receivers (big and small). He's a good tackler, too." -- AFC South scout on Florida State DB Jalen Ramsey

The skinny: With the proliferation of pass-catching tight ends in the NFL, he would fit at safety, but his rare athleticism makes this such an interesting question for his future. FSU coach Jimbo Fisher might take issue with the scout's assessment, though.

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