Sammy Watkins likes idea of pairing with Lions' Calvin Johnson

Former Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins has heard that the Lions are enamored with him, and the feeling is mutual.

The Megatron feeling, anyway.

The possibility of pairing the NFL's top receiver in Calvin Johnson with the NFL draft's most highly regarded pass-catcher in Watkins can't help but be an intriguing one for Lions GM Martin Mayhew. The Lions pick at No. 10, however, and Watkins could be gone long before that pick if Detroit doesn't trade up for a higher choice.

"I've thought about that a lot. It would definitely be a great transition for me, to help me out, help the team out," Watkins told CBS Sports' Jim Rome of possibly working with Johnson. "It definitely would expose a lot of teams because you can't double-guard two great wide receivers. It would definitely be great for me, because I've got one-on-one coverage, and I've got to beat my dude. You can't double-guard both of us."

Detroit would also offer Watkins the chance to be on the receiving end of one of the game's strongest throwing arms in Matthew Stafford, and Watkins added that he'd like to land on a team with a great quarterback already in place.

If the Lions want to pair Johnson with a dynamic young receiver, Texas A&M's Mike Evans could fit the role as well. And Evans, whose pro day was attended by Mayhew and Lions coach Jim Caldwell, is more likely than Watkins to be available at pick No. 10.

Either way, NFC North cornerbacks could be on their heels against Detroit this season.

On either side.

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