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Saints WR Kenny Stills blasts Bob Stoops, Oklahoma coaches


New Orleans Saints rookie wide receiver Kenny Stills is seemingly less than pleased with Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and the Sooners' coaching staff, taking to Twitter shortly after running back Damien Williams was dismissed from the team.

Stills and Williams are among a handful of current and former Oklahoma players from San Diego and its surrounding suburbs, along with Arizona Cardinals rookie safety Tony Jefferson -- a recipient of one of the tweets -- and OU senior running back Brennan Clay.

The animosity from Stills directed at OU coaches could be the result of the longer-than-expected wait both he and Jefferson had to endure during the 2013 NFL Draft. Given a third-round grade from the NFL advisory committee, Stills did not come off the board until the fifth round, while Jefferson was not drafted.

Still, things seem to be working out well for both Stills and Jefferson to start their NFL careers. Stills has 22 receptions for 470 yards and four touchdowns, starting six games for the Saints this season, while Jefferson has 17 tackles and one forced fumble with one start for the Cardinals.

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