Rival territory: Michigan's Jim Harbaugh sets up camp in Ohio

It didn't take long for Jim Harbaugh to continue filling his travel schedule after the NCAA reversed field and decided to allow the controversial satellite camps that the governing body for college sports had nixed weeks earlier.

The second-year Michigan coach will take his roving camp south to Ohio for the first time in June:

Warren G. Harding High, in Warren, Ohio, isn't exactly a stone's throw from the campus of Michigan's archrival, Ohio State -- OSU's campus is nearly 200 miles away -- but Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer will no doubt take notice of the Wolverines' offseason forage into the state OSU wants to dominate in recruiting above all others.

Harding coach Steve Arnold told The Cleveland Plain Dealer Michigan called him and inquired about adding guest coaches to Arnold's annual camp. For Arnold, his responsibility is more to his players and the kids at the camp than to any school allegiance.

"I'm not aiding Michigan or helping Michigan recruit in the area," Arnold said. "They are having camps all across the country, so I'm not helping anything. It's not about Ohio State and Michigan. For me, it's about the exposure and our high school and our kids. That's what this is about. Other people may look at it like that, but that's on them. If Ohio State would have called and said they want to have one or asked if we were having a camp they could work, of course I would say yes. Or any other BCS school. It's about the kid, not recruiting."

Other schools, and SEC schools in particular, took exception to Harbaugh's initiative to take Michigan football camps on the road in the offseason, and in so doing, taking exposure to the program directly to recruits. One reason for the pushback: With so much high-school football talent residing in the South, SEC schools don't have much need for extended exposure.

Of course, nobody in the SEC will raise an eyebrow about Harbaugh taking a camp into Ohio.

But Urban Meyer might.

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