Report: Syracuse football program part of NCAA investigation

It appears North Carolina isn't the only ACC school in hot water with the NCAA.

Syracuse's football program is being investigated as part of a wide-ranging NCAA probe into the school's athletic department, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard.

The department has been under the microscope from NCAA investigators for some time, with the investigation primarily focusing on the basketball program the past two years. The report confirms suspicions that the football team would be dragged into the probe as well.

The report said a call and text to current Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer for comment on the matter were not returned.

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone, who served as Syracuse's head coach from 2009-12, told the Post-Standard he had no knowledge of the probe.

"There's nothing that I know about that we did that wasn't either punished or put forth," Marrone said, per the report. "One thing I did, if we made a mistake, an incidental contact or something, I just always reported it. It's not worth it. This way I can sleep at night."

While the school has not published a notice of allegations from the NCAA, the paper reports that school officials are scheduled to meet with the NCAA Committee on Infractions at the end of the month. That timeline would suggest the case is wrapping up, as that is typically the final step before the school receives any kind of punishment from the NCAA.

Based on what is known about the basketball investigation, the primary focus of the case appears to be the academic services department and possible eligibility violations at the school. The department was reorganized by athletic director Daryl Gross recently, according to the paper.

Syracuse is 3-4 this season and travels to face Clemson on Saturday.

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