Report: LeSean McCoy hung up on Chip Kelly's call

Chip Kelly was intent on burying the hatchet with LeSean McCoy this week. Shady was having none of it.

Ahead of Sunday's tussle between the Bills and Eagles, Jeff McLane, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, reported that Kelly reached out to McCoy on Tuesday by phone. McCoy -- who had been ignoring Kelly's calls since being traded -- didn't recognize the number and answered. After Chip identified himself, McCoy hung up.

McCoy hasn't shied away from discussing how much he detests Kelly or how important this week's game is to him.

Kelly downplayed the fractured relationship this week, lamenting how the trade went down this offseason -- which was leaked to the media before the coach had a chance to let the running back know he was being dealt.

McCoy dodging Kelly's calls isn't surprising. That he'd just hang up when Chip finally got through is simultaneously hilarious and childish.

The biggest lesson, as always: Never, ever answer a phone number you don't know.

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