Report: Grambling football team to forfeit Jackson State game

Grambling State's football program is in disarray, and it doesn't appear that the ongoing feud between players and the school's administrators is losing any steam.

The Grambling players have decided not to play in Saturday's game against Jackson State, which will result in a forfeit for Grambling. A Jackson State spokesman told the Associated Press the game has been cancelled and Ros Dumlao of reports it will not be made up. Jackson State's Homecoming activities will go on as planned, and the football team will hold a scrimmage.

Sean Isabella, who covers Grambling for, reported Friday that players did not show up to board buses for the road trip to Jackson State.

The school on Thursday fired interim head coach George Ragsdale, who had replaced Doug Williams after he was fired last month. Players walked out of a meeting with school officials on Tuesday, skipped practice on Wednesday and there was no practice Thursday.

USA Today's Jarrett Bell reported that he received a text message from Williams on the matter.

"I'm proud of them boys," Williams said. "They took a stance."

The program's facilities are crumbling, according to Sports Illustrated's George Dohrmann, who described Friday the in-fighting and financial woes that helped create the tension between players and their institution.

The players are unhappy with the way they are being treated, and the school's president, Frank Pogue, is looking increasingly like he's incapable of helping Grambling avoid more embarrassment.

UPDATE: The Grambling boycott ended on Monday.

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