Rankings 2.0: Top 25 prospects in 2018 college football season

With the first four weeks of the college football season in the books, NFL.com analysts and former scouts Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah have each updated their ranking of the nation's top 25 prospects, which we've combined into one list.

School: Ohio State | Year: Junior

 *(Bucky Brooks ranking: 1; Daniel Jeremiah ranking: 1)* 
 **Previous rank:** 1 

Bosa was having a dominant season before suffering a core muscle injury against TCU 10 days ago. He is still the premier defensive talent in college football. -- DJ

School: Oregon | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 2; DJ: 2)* 
 **Previous rank:** 3 

Herbert saved his best showing for the biggest stage. He was deadly accurate against Stanford over the weekend and also displayed his impressive mobility. -- DJ

School: Houston | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 3; DJ: 3)* 
 **Previous rank:** 2 

The most disruptive interior defender in college football continues to enchant scouts with his exceptional first-step quickness. -- BB

School: Michigan | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 4; DJ: 5)* 
 **Previous rank:** 4 

Ultra-athletic defender with the versatility and explosiveness to play multiple positions along the defensive line. -- BB

School: Alabama | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 8; DJ: 4)* 
 **Previous rank:** 5 

Davis is an ultra-physical player in the run game and he flashes upside against the pass. He stands out on a very destructive defensive line. -- DJ

School: Iowa | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 6; DJ: 6)* 
 **Previous rank:** 9 

Big, athletic tight end with the size and playmaking ability to create mismatches in space. He fits the prototype that racks up catches in bunches in the NFL. -- BB

School: LSU | Year: Sophomore (RS)

 *(BB: 5; DJ: 8)* 
 **Previous rank:** 6 

Playmaking cover corner with a knack for finding the ball. Williams will be the next LSU standout to make his mark in the league as a lockdown CB. -- BB

School: Clemson | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 7; DJ: 7)* 
 **Previous rank:** 20 

Lawrence is healthier this season and it shows. He looks more explosive and is moving much better laterally. -- DJ

School: Georgia | Year: Senior

 *(BB: 9; DJ: 9)* 
 **Previous rank:** 23 

Junkyard dog on the island with the size, length and instincts to stymie top wide receivers with his aggressive approach. -- BB

School: West Virginia | Year: Senior (RS)

 *(BB: 10; DJ: 11)* 
 **Previous rank:** 8 

Grier is incredibly efficient and I love the poise he displays in the pocket. There are other quarterbacks with more size/arm strength, but he is operating at a high level. -- DJ

School: Missouri | Year: Senior

 *(BB: 11; DJ: 12)* 
 **Previous rank:** 19 

One of the cleanest pocket passers you'll find in the collegiate ranks. Lock not only displays A-plus arm talent, but he is a rhythm thrower capable of dropping dimes with timing, touch and anticipation. -- BB

School: Auburn | Year: Junior (RS)

 *(BB: 15; DJ: 10)* 
 **Previous rank:** 16 

Stidham will miss some throws on occasion, but I still love his skill set. He can create plays with his legs and he's an effortless thrower. -- DJ

School: Washington | Year: Sophomore (RS)

 *(BB: 14; DJ: 15)* 
 **Previous rank:** Unranked 

Polished cover corner with a technically sound game and a nasty demeanor. Murphy can thrive in any scheme as a lockdown corner with the athleticism to play from distance or nose-to-nose. -- BB

School: Alabama | Year: Senior

 *(BB: 13; DJ: 17)* 
 **Previous rank:** 17 

Alabama has an impressive stable of backs, but Harris continues to be very reliable. He has excellent vision and finishes every run. -- DJ

School: LSU | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 18; DJ: 14)* 
 **Previous rank:** 18 

The LSU standout might be the best athlete in college football. He possesses a combination of size, speed and explosiveness that could make him a star at the next level. -- BB

School: Alabama | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 16; DJ: 16)* 
 **Previous rank:** Unranked 

I haven't done a full workup on Wilson, but I love his combination of instincts and range. He is always around the football. -- DJ

School: Mississippi | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 20; DJ: 18)* 
 **Previous rank:** 14 

Brown isn't going to record a blazing 40-yard-dash time, but he has strong hands and is ultra-competitive after the catch. -- DJ

School: Auburn | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 17; DJ: 21)* 
 **Previous rank:** 24 

It's hard to find disruptive defenders with A-plus size, strength and movement skills, but Brown is the total package at defensive tackle. The 6-foot-5, 325-pounder (school measurements) is a five-star playmaker capable of taking over the game in the trenches. -- BB

School: Ohio State | Year: Sophomore (RS)

 *(BB: 12; DJ: NR)* 
 **Previous rank:** Unranked 

The gunslinger has lit up defenses with his pinpoint passing skills. Haskins is a rare find as a big-armed quarterback who has the patience and discipline to pick apart defenses with an assortment of quick-rhythm throws. -- BB

School: Duke | Year: Junior (RS)

 *(BB: NR; DJ: 13)* 
 **Previous rank:** Unranked 

Jones was playing at a very high level before suffering an injury (broken clavicle) in Week 2. He has ideal size, athleticism and arm talent. -- DJ

School: Mississippi | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 22; DJ: 19)* 
 **Previous rank:** 7 

Experienced edge blocker with the footwork, quickness and technical savvy to hold his own against elite pass rushers. -- BB

School: Ohio State | Year: Junior (RS)

 *(BB: 23; DJ: 20)* 
 **Previous rank:** 15 

Big, athletic defensive tackles with playmaking ability are hard to find. That's why scouts are enamored with Jones' potential as a disruptive penetrator with explosive first-step quickness and burst. -- BB

School: Arizona State | Year: Junior

 *(BB: 19; DJ: NR)* 
 **Previous rank:** Unranked 

Harry is similar to A.J. Brown in that he lacks elite speed, but he makes up for it with toughness and ball skills. He reminds me a little bit of Anquan Boldin. -- DJ

School: Stanford | Year: Sophomore (RS)

 *(BB: 21; DJ: 24)* 
 **Previous rank:** Unranked 

Smith is the next great Stanford tight end. He has made several contested catches in the early portion of the season. -- DJ

School: Clemson | Year: Senior

 *(BB: 24; DJ: 22)* 
 **Previous rank:** 12 

Defensive coordinators can't wait to get their hands on guys like Wilkins, who can play anywhere from nose tackle to defensive end in a three- or four-man front. Wilkins' versatility and athleticism should make him a hot commodity when the draft rolls around in April. -- BB

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