Pro day results: USC, Miss. St., Michigan St., Pitt, UConn

All 32 teams sent representatives to USC's pro day on Wednesday to watch the outdoor workouts of 19 players, including four from small area schools, on FieldTurf. Among those in attendance were Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, and Raiders OL coach Mike Tice, Rams special teams coordinator John Fassel, Steelers secondary coach Carnell Lake, and Browns receivers coach Al Saunders.

The star of the day appeared to be CB Adoree' Jackson, who might have reserved himself a spot in the first round of next month's draft. Here's a look at nine players from the school with NFL futures, including one who was not at the NFL Scouting Combine earlier this month:

» OT Zach Banner (6-8 3/8, 353) stood on all of his combine numbers, but did go through a workout for offensive linemen.

» RB Justin Davis (6-0 1/2, 201) ran the 40 in 4.60 and 4.64 seconds, had a 30-inch vertical, a 9-foot-7 broad jump, a 4.34-second short shuttle, and a 6.87-second three-cone drill. he caught the ball well out of the backfield in his workout.

» CB Adoree' Jackson (5-10, 186) stood on his combine numbers with the exception of the three-cone, which he ran in 6.62 seconds. He caught the ball very well, showed great feet, and even showed off on punt returns.

» OG Damien Mama (6-4, 342) ran the 40 in 5.75 and 5.79 seconds, had a 22.5-inch vertical, an 8-1 broad jump, a 4.96-second short shuttle, and an 8.16-second three-cone. mama is built like a prototypical guard; speed is a concern, however.

» WR Darreus Rogers (6-1, 218) ran the 40 in 4.92 and 4.89 seconds, had a 29-inch vertical, a 9-5 broad jump, a 4.41-second short shuttle, a 7.14-second three-cone, and added 10 bench lifts. He's neither fast nor exceptionally strong for the position.

» WR JuJu Smith Schuster (6-0 1/4, 213) had a 33.5-inch vertical, a 4.19-second short shuttle, a 6.88-second three-cone, and stood on the rest of his combine numbers. This is a very good player who had a solid workout.

» NT Stevie Tu'ikolovatu (6-1 1/8, 333) ran the 40 in 5.26 and 5.23 seconds, had a 26-inch vertical, a 7-11 broad jump, a 4.84-second short shuttle, a 7.88-second three-come, and 33 bench lifts. He's a very strong, solid player.

» Center Chad Wheeler (6-6 7/8, 296) ran the 40 in 5.31 and 5.30 seconds, had a 24-inch vertical, an 8-9 broad jump, a 4.99-second short shuttle, an 8.10-second three-cone, and 17 strength lifts. He dropped 10 pounds since the combine.

» OL Jordan Simmons (6-3 5/8, 334) ran the 40 in 5.20 and 5.22 seconds, had a 25-inch vertical, an 8-3 broad jump, a 4.87-second short shuttle, a 7.96-second three-cone, and added 23 reps on the bench. he wasn't invited to the combine but some team will bring him into camp as a free agent.

Other notable pro days on Wednesday


Ashland, Ohio is a town between Akron and Columbus with a population of around 20,000. It had a lot more folks in it on Wednesday.

Ashland College held its pro day at the local high school and 16 NFL teams were represented, including the Bears, Saints, Steelers, Raiders and Lions, who all sent their tight ends coaches to work out Adam Shaheen, one of the fastest risers in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Shaheen (6-6, 278) stood on all of his numbers at the combine, but was put through a brisk workout that had everyone talking. So much so, he left his pro day with private workouts set up with six teams: Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Philadelphia, Dallas and Tennessee.>/p>

The tight end class is one of the deepest we've seen in years, but I think Friday morning of draft week -- the day after Round 1 ends -- there will be teams vying to get near the top of Round 2 to take this tight end.

So how did Shaheen end up at Ashland and not down the road at Ohio State or some other big-time football program? he told me at the combine that he weighed 210 pounds out of high school and went to college to play basketball. When his father reminded him that there were exactly zero 6-foot-6, back-to-the basket forwards in the NBA, he switched sports and went to the closest school to his home.

And somewhere, Urban Meyer is kicking himself.


All 32 teams were represented at the Spartans' pro day, where 15 players from MSU and one from an area small school worked out indoors on FieldTurf. Among those in attendance were Vikings coach Mike Zimmer and GM Rick Spielman.

» LB Riley Bullough (6-1 3/4, 228) ran the 40 in 4.71 and 4.75 seconds, had a 4.18-second short shuttle, a 7.00-second three-cone, and added 29 bench lifts.

» Safety Malik McDowell (6-6 3/8, 299) stood on all of numbers from the combine, and looked very good in position drills.

» Safety Montae Nicholson did not participate in anything, including measurements. he had surgery on his left shoulder and was telling teams at the pro day that he expects to be ready by training camp.


Representatives from 30 NFL teams worked out 21 players indoors on FieldTurf. Among those in attendance were Lions GM Bob Quinn and coach Jim Caldwell, and Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, who didn't have to travel very far considering the school and his team share the same practice facility.

» OT Adam Bisnowaty (6-5 1/2, 304) ran a 4.91-second short shuttle, a 7.28-second three-cone drill, and stood on the rest of his combine numbers. He had a good workout.

» RB James Conner (6-1 1/2, 237) ran the short shuttle in 4.31 seconds and the three-cone in 7.41 seconds. He had a good workout and caught the ball out of the backfield extremely well.

» OG Dorian Johnson (6-4 3/4, 300) didn't do anything because of a hamstring injury.

» TE Scott Orndoff (6-4 1/4, 253) ran the 40 in 4.72 and 4.73 seconds, improving by a 10th of a second from the combine. He stood on the rest of his numbers from Indianapolis.

» QB Nathan Peterman (6-2 1/2, 224) stood on his combine numbers but did go through a workout. He showed a good but not great arm, but he's extremely smart and makes good decisions.

» DE Ejuan Price (5-11 1/4, 236) ran the 40 in 4.78 and 4.68 seconds, had a 4.31-second short shuttle and a 6.98-second three-cone. This is a really good football player, but the question is, can he be a linebacker in the NFL? Elvis Dumervil had similar questions coming out of Louisville but Dumervil was slightly taller and 20 pounds heavier.

» WR Dontez Ford (6-1 1/4, 212) ran the 40 in 4.58 and 4.59 seconds, had a 36-inch vertical, a 10-7 broad jump, a 6.98-second three-cone, and added 15 lifts on the bench. He missed half the 2016 season with a broken collarbone. He's a projected free agent.


A heavy defensive coaching presence was felt at UConn's pro day as the Jets sent their defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach, the Lions sent their defensive backs coach, as did the Panthers. They were part of an NFL contingent represented by 25 teams on hand to watch an indoor workout on FieldTurf by 10 players, including one who has a shot at the first round.

» CB Obi Melifonwu was not measured but did weigh in at 219 pounds. He stood on all of combine numbers, with the exception of the short shuttle (4.30 seconds) and three-cone (7.06 seconds). This is a really smooth player who makes everything look easy. he has a chance to get into the first round.

» WR Noel Thomas (6-0 5/8, 201) ran the 40 in 4.49 and 4.50 seconds, had a 33-inch vertical and a 9-foot-10 broad jump. He pulled a hamstring on his second 40 and his day was finished.

» OL Andreas Knapp (6-8 1/2, 311) ran a 40 in 5.25 seconds, had a 30-inch vertical, an 8-10 broad jump, and added 23 lifts on the bench press. Like Thomas, he also pulled a hamstring running the 40 and did not work out. He's now on the NFL's radar and is going to have a lot of teams wanting to work him out. He's projected as a late-round pick or priority free agent.


Representatives from 27 teams watched the workouts of 14 Mississippi State players plus three from smaller area schools indoors on FieldTurf. Two NFL team linebacker coaches were in attendance.

» WR Fred Ross (6-0 3/8, 207) stood on all of his combine numbers. he caught the ball very well in his workout, with no drops. This was a problem for him in college, especially late last season.

» OT Justin Senior (6-4 1/2, 326) ran the 40 on 5.45 and 5.51 seconds, and did 21 reps on the bench press. The 40 times were slow but a slight uptick from what he did at the combine.

» LB Richie Brown (6-1 1/2, 234) ran the 40 in 4.76 and 4.72 seconds, had a 37-inch vertical, a 9-8 broad jump, a 4.22-second short shuttle, a 6.75-second three-cone, and added 18 strength lifts. He's a projected late Day 3 pick or priority free agent.


Duke didn't have any players invited to the combine, but they have several who should have a chance to sign an NFL contract after the draft. Representatives from 16 teams worked out 11 players indoors on FieldTurf.

» CB Breon Borders (5-11 1/2, 189) ran the 40 in 4.47 and 4.45 seconds, had a 34-inch vertical, a 10-0 broad jump, a 4.30-second short shuttle, and a 6.98-second three-cone. He's a projected late-round pick or priority free agent.

» RB Jela Duncan (5-8 7/8, 214) is injured and did nor get timed or work out for teams. He's projected as a post-draft free agent.

» WR Anthony Nash (6-4, 211) ran the 40 in 4.38 and 4.41 seconds, had a 37.5-inch vertical, a 10-4 broad jump, a 4.40-second short shuttle, and a 7.22-second three-cone. He's a projected free agent.

» CB DeVon Edwards (5-7 1/2, 184) is injured and did not work out or get timed. He's a projected free agent.

» Safety Corbin McCarthy (5-8 3/4, 208) ran the 40 in 4.41 and 4.42 seconds, had a 36-inch vertical, a 10-0 broad jump, a 4.18 short shuttle, and a 7.28-second three-cone. He's a projected free agent.


Representatives from 10 teams attended Weber's pro day, where one pro prospect emerged from among the 12 players who worked out indoors on FieldTurf.

» LB Tre'von Johnson (6-0 1/2, 227) ran the 40 in 4.53 and 4.56 seconds, had a 30-inch vertical, a 9-10 broad jump, a 4.60-second short shuttle, a 7.40-second three-cone, and added 19 strength lifts. He's a projected post-draft free agent.


Representatives from 14 teams watched three players work out outdoors on FieldTurf.

» LB Dylan Cole (6-0 1/2, 239) ran the 40 in 4.56 and 4.52 seconds, had a 39-inch vertical, a 10-5 broad jump, a 4.19-second three-cone, a 6.82-second three-cone, and 32 strength lifts. It was such a good pro day for Cole that he likely made himself draftable.


Representatives from 10 teams watched six players work out at the Star Athletic Complex on Tolland, Conn.

» OT Zach Voytek (6-4 1/8, 313) ran the 40 in 5.39 and 5.42 seconds, had a 20.5-inch vertical, a 7-7 broad jump, a 4.89-second short shuttle, an 8.08-second three-cone, and 21 bench lifts. He's a projected free agent.

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