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Pro day results: Michigan, Cal, BYU, Akron, Utah State

My scouts on the ground at pro days have been doing this talent-evaluation circuit for a long time. I talked to some of them from Michigan's pro day; they said they had never seen as many NFL evaluators at one pro day as they did in Ann Arbor on Friday.

The number of Michigan players that could be drafted will likely challenge the most ever from one school in any one year. The number that could end up on NFL rosters this summer could be in the 20s.

On Friday, 20 players worked out indoors on FieldTurf in front of representatives from all 32 teams. At least eight head coaches, including the Patriots' Bill Belichick, were in attendance, as were several top front-office decision-makers. They were treated to what one scout described to me as "the biggest, best breakfast spread" they had ever been provided at a pro day.

They were also treated to some pretty good workouts:

» OG Ben Braden (6-6 3/8, 331) stood on all of his combine numbers. He went through an OL workout that was termed above-average.

» TE Jake Butt (6-5 3/8, 251) still can't do much because of an ACL surgery in December, but told scouts there he was ahead of schedule and plans to be at full strength by the time training camps open this summer.

» DE Taco Charlton (6-6, 271) ran the 40-yard dash in 4.83 and 4.85 saeconds (almost a tenth of a second faster than what he ran at the combine), and stood on the rest of his numbers from Indianapolis. He had a very good workout in which he was asked to drop into coverage as a linebacker. He helped himself.

» WR Jehu Chesson (6-3, 204) ran the 40 in 4.49 and 4.46 seconds, had a 39.5-inch vertical, and added 13 lifts on the bench press.

» CB Jeremy Clark (6-3 1/8, 204) stood on all of his combine numbers.

» WR Amara Darboh (6-1 3/4, 216) had a 36.5-inch vertical, a 4.30-second short shuttle, a 6.81-second three-cone drill, and stood on the rest of his combine numbers. He caught the ball well in his workout, running precise routes.

» LB Ben Gedeon (6-1 5/8, 244) stood on all of his combine numbers. (An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Gedeon had gone through testing at the pro day.)

» DT Ryan Glasgow (6-3, 300) had 24 bench lifts and stood on the rest of his combine numbers. Some teams talked to him about switching to the offensive line, like his brother Graham, a starting guard for the Lions.

» Safety Delano Hill (6-0 3/4, 223) stood on all of his combine numbers but did go through a workout with the defensive backs.

» CB Jourdan Lewis (5-10 1/8, 182) ran the 40 in 4.45 and 4.47 seconds, had a 4.29-second short shuttle, a 6.88-second three-cone, and stood on the rest of his combine numbers. He went to great lengths to explain the domestic violence charges he's facing.

» Jabrill Peppers (5-11 1/8, 214) stood on all of his numbers from the combine. he was worked out as a safety and cornerback. I've felt for a long time that his best position might be running back.

» RB De'Veon Smith (5-11, 223) ran the 40 in 4.75 and 4.81 seconds, the short shuttle in 4.29 seconds, and the three-cone drill in 7.00 seconds. His speed in drills was less than desirable.

» CB Channing Stribling (6-1 1/2, 185) ran the 40 in 4.57 and 4.59 seconds, had a 33.5-inch vertical, a 10-1 broad jump, a 4.24-second short shuttle, and a 7.14-second three-cone. He improved all of his numbers significanly from the combine, although didn't re-do the bench even though he only had five lifts in Indianapolis. He had a solid workout.

» DE Chris Wormley (6-5 1/8, 297) ran the 40 in 4.82 and 4.87 seconds, had a 31.5-inch vertical, a 9-2 broad jump, a 4.55-second short shuttle, and a 7.08-second three-cone.

Other notable pro days on Friday


Representatives from 29 NFL teams watched 16 players work out outdoors in a downpour on FieldTurf. The quarterbacks coaches from Pittsburgh, Arizona, Oakland and Tampa Bay were on hand, as was Jets offensive coordinator John Morton.

» QB Davis Webb (6-4 1/2, 224) stood on all of his numbers from the combine. I was told he had an exceptional workout.

» WR Chad Hansen (6-1 7/8, 201) ran the 40 in 4.45 and 4.40 seconds on a slick turf (he ran in the 4.5s at the combine), and stood on the rest of his combine numbers. He had a good workout despite the poor conditions.

» Bradley Northnagel (6-2 1/2, 248) ran the 40 in 5.35 and 5.33 seconds, had a 27.5-second vertical, an 8-5 vertical, a 4.65-second short shuttle, a 7.34-second three-cone, and added 13 bench lifts. He's one of the top long-snappers in this draft.

» RB Khalfani Muhammad (5-7 1/8, 170) ran the 40 in 4.41 and 4.35 seconds, had a 38.5-inch vertical, a 10-6 broad jump, a 4.27-second short shuttle, a 6.74-second three-cone, and 11 strength lifts. He's a projected post-draft free agent.


Representatives from 26 teams watched 18 players go through workouts indoors on FieldTurf. Among those in attendance: Jets RB coach Stump Mitchell and Eagles Senior Director of College Scouting Anthony Patch.

» DE Harvey Langi (6-1 7/8, 244) ran the 40 in 4.63 and 4.65 seconds, and the short shuttle in 4.45 seconds. He stood on the rest of his numbers from the combine. Langi worked out as a middle linebacker.

» RB Jamaal Williams (6-0 1/8, 213) ran the 40 in 4.51 and 4.55 seconds, had a 33 vertical, a 4.26-second short shuttle, a 7.12-second three-cone, and 18 bench lifts. Unexpectedly, he caught the ball extremely well in position drills.

» Safety Kai Nacua (6-0 3/4, 205) ran the 40 in 4.48 and 4.49 seconds, had a 39-inch vertical, a 10-7 broad jump, a 4.14-second short shuttle, a 6.87-second three-cone, and 15 strength lifts. I was told he looked great in position drills. He has a workout scheduled with the Patriots on April 3.

» QB Taysom Hill (6-1 7/8, 221) ran the 40 in 4.44 and 4.47 seconds, had a 38.5-inch vertical, a 10-2 broad jump, a 4.37-second short shuttle, and a 7.03-second three-cone. He had a really good workout; only problem is he'll be 27 years old before the start of next season -- too old for a position switch.


Sixteen teams were represented at the Zips' pro day, including the Cleveland Browns, who sent their wide receivers coach. Seventeen players from Akron and two from smaller area schools worked out indoors on FieldTurf.

» WR Jerome Lane (6-2 7/8, 231) stood on his 40 and shuttle times from the combine, and had a 37-inch vertical and 10-5 broad jump. He had a good workout in positional drills.

» Pass rusher Jamal Marcus (6-1 3/4, 240) ran the 40 in 4.76 and 4.78 seconds, had a 33.5-inch vertical, a 10-4 broad jump, a 4.36-second short shuttle, a 7.26-second three-cone, and 17 strength lifts. A projected free agent, Marcus played defensive end at Akron but will be an OLB if he makes it in the NFL.

» DE Se'Von Pittman (6-3 1/4, 268) ran the 40 in 4.90 and 4.88 seconds, had a 28.5-inch vertical, a 9-3 broad jump, a 4.70-second short shuttle, a 7.41-second three-cone, and 22 lifts. He's a projected free agent.


Representatives from 20 teams watched the workouts of 12 players outdoors on FieldTurf. Arizona didn't have any players invited to the combine but two emerged from this pro day as potential post-draft free agents, including the son of baseball Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr.

» WR Trey Griffey (6-2 1/8, 209) ran the 40 in 4.60 and 4.57 seconds, had a 32.5-inch vertical, a 9-10 broad jump, a 4.50-second short shuttle, a 7.32-second three-cone, and added 17 strength lifts. He should be a priority free agent after the draft.

» Safety Tellas Jones (5-11 7/8, 192) ran the 40 in 4.60 and 4.63 seconds, had a 33-inch vertical, a 9-7 broad jump, a 4.28-second short shuttle, a 7.04-second three-cone, and 10 bench lifts.


Twelve teams sent representatives to Missouri Western's indoor facility to watch 24 players from nine small area schools work out on FieldTurf. One player emerged as a possible Day 3 draft pick.

» DE Collin Bevins (6-4 5/8, 272) ran the 40 in 5.00 and 5.01 seconds, had a 31.5-inch vertical, a 9-9 broad jump, a 4.85-second short shuttle, a 7.35-second three-cone, and added 27 strength lifts. He has incredible 34 3/4-inch arms. If he doesn't get drafted late on Day 3, he'll be a priority free agent.


Representatives from 21 teams were at Utah State's pro day, where one pro prospect emerged among the 16 players who worked out indoors on FieldTurf.

» RB Devante Mays (5-10 3/8, 230) ran the 40 in 4.51 and 4.44 seconds, had a 40.5-inch vertical, a 10-9 broad jump, a 4.53-second short shuttle, a 7.34-second three-cone, and 22 bench lifts. He's a projected priority free agent after the draft.

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