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Prescott ready for his apprenticeship behind Romo

Dak Prescott knows he faces a serious learning curve in the NFL, particularly in making the transition to a pro-style offense from Mississippi State's spread-option attack. But the former Bulldogs star couldn't be happier to have Tony Romo to learn from as he straps on his first Cowboys helmet at rookie minicamp this weekend.

In short, Prescott plans to be a sponge around the Cowboys' veteran starter.

"I'm excited to be going to a good team for one. I've got a great quarterback ahead of me that I can learn from," Prescott told Sirius XM Radio. "I can pick up everything, just the way he handles his business on and off the field, the way he goes about being a pro within the facility."

The Cowboys made Prescott a fourth-round choice and just the fourth quarterback the team has acquired through the draft in the last 25 years. The Cowboys went 1-11 last season in games in which Romo did not start due to injury, which wasn't lost on a coaching staff well aware of the need to find the club's next answer at quarterback.

Prescott not only ran a shotgun offense in college at MSU, but in high school as well. Translation: It will all take some time. But Prescott, for his part, is working to commit correct footwork on dropbacks to muscle memory.

"It's three-step, five-step and seven-step, and it's about making those drops comfortable. Not necessarily that they're difficult or challenging to do, it's just making them comfortable. I haven't been asked to do that in high school nor college, so I just don't have the reps at it," he said. "I've got to make it like it's nothing, so I can just worry about the offense and the plays that are being called instead of getting a drop right."

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