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Polling draft prospects: Which NFL player do you want to face?

College Football 24/7 polled 25 prospects for the 2017 NFL Draft last month at the Reese's Senior Bowl on various football-related questions that, collectively, provide some insight into how the NFL's incoming talent views the game's teams, coaches and players. This week, we'll publish the poll results. Today's question:

Which NFL player do you most look forward to facing?

NFL cornerbacks know well that covering Julio Jones is no fun. But more than anyone else, Jones was the answer when Senior Bowl prospects were asked who in the NFL they would most like to face. No other wide receiver got more than two votes (Odell Beckham), while the most popular answer for wide receivers was Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman. Players at many positions were asked; hence answers with a wide position range, as well. Texas A&M DE Daeshon Hall, for instance, wants another shot at former Aggies teammate Jake Matthews, now the Atlanta Falcons' left tackle.

"I was a young buck when I faced him. He was a senior and I was a freshman. He and Cedric (Ogbuehi) used to face-plant me when I was a freshman coming in at 210 pounds, so I want to see how I do now that I'm bigger and stronger. I want some get-back."

Full poll results (votes):

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