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Ohio State coach Urban Meyers bans blue shirts from practice

The past month or so has been tough one for Urban Meyer, what with some key players getting arrested, two freshmen also breaking the law, and the Ohio State coach having to answer questions about accused murderer Aaron Hernandez.

Now he appears to have antagonized NFL scouts. reported Friday that Meyer has banned anyone wearing a blue shirt from watching his Buckeyes practice. PFT said that, in the past, NFL scouts had been exempt from his rule, apparently put in place because the Buckeyes' biggest rival (uhh, it's Michigan, for those who don't know) wears blue. No more.

Pro scouts who show up wearing blue are asked to change shirts before viewing practice. Given the talent level Meyer oversees, Ohio State practices are must-see events for scouts.

We imagine this idea goes over quite well with Buckeyes fans, most of whom don't want anything to do with that state "up north." For others, though, the idea that people trying to do their job are banned from practice for wearing blue shirts probably induces a lot of eye-rolling, head-shaking and under-their-breath muttering.

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