Notre Dame's new uniforms: Tasteful or tacky?


Notre Dame, once among the more reluctant programs to alter its famous football uniforms, has unveiled some tricked-out gear. The Fighting Irish will wear a new uniform for its "Shamrock Series" game against Arizona State in Arlington, Texas. What are your thoughts on Notre Dame wearing special uniforms?

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"Special" uniforms are so prevalent now that it almost has become a cliche. Heck, a team that doesn't have more than one uniform is the outlier now. I'm sure there are traditionalists who will grind their teeth and mutter under their breath at a shamrock on the helmet, but that's the way of the world now. Do I think these look good? No. I also think the majority of Oregon's vast assortment of uniforms look cruddy. But as long as a school and a uniform manufacturer can conjure up new looks, this type of thing is going to continue.

Be very careful, Notre Dame. You have just taken the first slippery step down a nasty slope. The clown you see gathering himself at the bottom of that slope is Maryland, which donned the ugliest uniforms of all time because a shoe/apparel company told them to. Don't learn the Terrapins' lesson the hard way: That Nike, Under Armour, and anyone else in the "look at us" uniform game is ultimately more interested in what draws attention than what looks good. There are a few uniforms in college football that deserve to be left alone in the same way that classic cars shouldn't be restored into hot rods: Alabama, Penn State, and Notre Dame are probably at the top of that list.

You're Notre Dame. I can understand piping in Ozzy Osbourne over the loudspeakers and handing out rally towels in an attempt to make the sedate home atmosphere more imposing. I can understand neutral-site games, a nice nod to the early history of the program when they went barnstorming across the country and played everywhere. I can almost forgive the scheduling agreement with the ACC at the expense of the traditional Midwestern rivals, considering the uncertain future of the NCAA.

But these atrocities for uniforms, after last year's fashion disaster against Miami, are where the Fighting Irish need to draw the line.

You're Notre Dame, not Oregon or Maryland with no history and need to make a name by wearing ridiculous things. Gold pants, gold helmets. Navy jerseys at home, white on the road, with the Kelly greens coming out on those historic occasions.

Would Alabama change its uniforms solely for the sake of doing so? Would Penn State, Texas or USC? You're Notre Dame. Act like it. Dress like it.

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