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Niners could trade up with Ravens to land top wide receiver

There are so many rumors flying around in the lead up to the 2014 NFL Draft that the only thing missing might be Oprah shouting, "You get a trade! And you get a trade! And you get a trade!"

While most of the talk has centered on what the Houston Texans will do with the first overall pick in the draft, there are 31 other teams out there, and each is trying to determine the pulse of the trade market before Thursday night's festivities.

One team poised to be a major player is the San Francisco 49ers. The club owns six picks in the top 100, and general manager Trent Baalke has shown in the past that he's aggressive when it comes to the draft. While there has been some scuttlebutt the 49ers could trade all the way up to No. 5 for Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports a more realistic option is one they're intimately familiar with.

"Possibly the Baltimore Ravens," Rapoport said on "NFL Total Access." "Look there as far as who they may be targeting. LSU's Odell Beckham is certainly one, Brandin Cooks is another. Marqise Lee is another."

While it's not a shocker to hear the team involved in a trade scenario with the Ravens (see Boldin, Anquan), it is always fun to see the Harbaugh brothers making moves with each other and ponder what will be said down the road at the dinner table about the players each eventually gets.

Trading for a receiver has been one of the bigger 49ers rumors in recent weeks despite the team's pressing need at cornerback. While a top-flight defensive back could be available at the Ravens' 17th overall pick, based on what Rapoport is saying the team is locked in on finding a field-stretching complement to Boldin and Michael Crabtree.

San Francisco could take a wideout in the middle rounds, given the depth at the position, but it seems like it really wants a quality player who can help take some shots at the secondary of NFC West rival Seattle. The second-tier group of corners is fairly deep as well, and someone like Nebraska's Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Mike Mayock's 30th overall prospect in the draft, could be in play for the team in the second round.

No matter what direction Baakle and company decide to go early in the draft, the 49ers lack of holes on their roster could allow them to take a few more chances than they normally would with all those picks.

"One thing to look for, especially in the later rounds, is they have so much talent they don't even need guys to come in and play right away," Rapoport said. "Expect them to do what they did last year and take guys who are maybe a little bit aways due to injury and stash them on injured reserve to build depth for the future."

One possibility? Clemson guard Brandon Thomas, who was a likely second-round pick before he tore his ACL during training but still manages to snag a spot in Mayock's top 100 prospects.

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