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Nick Saban: I haven't been motivated to make NFL return

If any NFL team looking for a head coach gives Nick Saban a call, it should be prepared to leave a voicemail, and it might not get a call back.

Saban is no stranger to having his name attached to NFL vacancies, and it's been no different in recent weeks. He's a big fish who remains highly regarded in NFL circles, and six NFL teams are still without a head coach.

The Alabama head coach said last month that he doesn't see himself ever leaving the Crimson Tide for another job, and he didn't change his tune in a Wednesday interview on the heels of his fifth national title as a college head coach.

"Right now, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at," Saban told ESPN's Mike & Mike. "Haven't really been, I don't know, motivated to go anywhere else or do anything else at this time."

Saban was asked if he at least picks up the phone to listen when an NFL team calls, and Saban said he hasn't found the temptation to be overwhelming.

"I haven't to this point," he said.

Of course, that doesn't mean he won't ever change his mind, and it doesn't mean NFL teams will never call him again. The memory of Saban saying he wouldn't leave the Miami Dolphins for the Alabama job before doing exactly that is still fresh in people's minds.

What would it take to motivate him to return to the NFL? A well-established QB situation is a sure bet, and he'd have that with the New York Giants. Maybe he'd be intrigued by the idea of uniting with Jameis Winston with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Marcus Mariota with the Tennessee Titans. It's probably a safe assumption that he'd want final say on personnel, too, and that's where things have the potential to get at least a little bit stickier.

For now, though, Saban is sticking to his story that he's not going anywhere. Stay tuned.

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