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NFL GM: Myles Jack like faster version of Ray Lewis

An NFL general manager says Ray Lewis 2.0 -- a faster version of the Ravens legend -- is available in the 2016 NFL Draft.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco includes this note in a recent column on Myles Jack, the former UCLA linebacker:

"When I asked one NFL general manager if (Jack) compared favorably to former Baltimore Ravens great Ray Lewis, the general manager had this to say: 'Yes, but Jack is faster.'"

Being compared to a player of Lewis' caliber is heady stuff, and Jack, to his credit, said such comparisons are premature.

"When I hear I am compared to him, I am kind of like, 'slow down, put on the brakes,'" Jack said, per the report. "I have to earn that. I have to climb the ladder before I can be mentioned with him, my name and his name in the same breath. He'll be remembered for generations. Everybody knows Ray Lewis. You can't compare yourself to idols. You want to model your game after it, but comparing me to him is too fast. I want to get there, but slow down."

However, the comparison might not be without merit, according to NFL Media analyst Lance Zierlein.

"It is an interesting comparison because Ray Lewis was a faster, smaller player when he came into the league," Zierlein said. "He bulked up later. Both are aggressive, alpha-types with range. Lewis was more instinctive and Jack is able to excel in areas of coverage that Lewis wouldn't be able to."

Lewis and Jack both measure 6-foot-1. Lewis began his NFL career weighing 235 pounds (8 pounds less than Jack says he currently weighs) and played most of his career between 250 and 260 pounds before slimming down again heading into his final season (2012), per The Baltimore Sun.

Lewis faced questions about whether he was big enough to play middle linebacker in the NFL when he was a prospect in 1996. Of course, the game is different than it was 20 years ago, and teams are much more excited about Jack's unique versatility than they are concerned about his size.

The Ravens are among the teams that Jack, who's rated the draft's No. 2 overall prospect by Zierlein and fellow analyst Daniel Jeremiah, visited earlier this week.

The majority of NFL Media mock drafts have Jack going to the Jaguars (they also visited with Jack this week) at No. 5, a pick before the Ravens are on the clock.

Given the buzz that continues to grow about Jack, it seems he'll bring great value no matter how high he's picked.

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