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NFL exec: Myles Garrett looks like a 'job saver' at combine

INDIANAPOLIS -- Picking Myles Garrett could buy an NFL coach and/or GM more time in their respective positions.

That's the opinion of one NFL executive after watching the Texas A&M defensive end put on a show at the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday.

When NFL Network's Mike Silver asked the exec how Garrett looked in drills, he told Silver "like a job saver."

Garrett is the heavy favorite to go No. 1 overall to the Browns in the draft, and, clearly, the buzz about him is only building after his workout in Indy.

The exec is not a member of the Browns' front office, per Silver, and we don't know if the exec meant to imply that the Browns' decision-makers, just one season into their tenure, have jobs that are in need of saving. Either way, it's more high praise for Garrett on a day where there's, rightfully, been plenty of it.

It will be a while before we know if Garrett is so good that he can change the direction of a franchise, but on Sunday, he looked like he had that kind of potential.

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