NFL assembles committee to study future of draft

To say there was a ton of debate about the decision to hold this year's draft in May -- a couple weeks later than the traditional date of draft weekend -- was probably an understatement.

Some folks hated the extra two weeks of dissecting prospects. Others loved the additional time. Either way, the ratings were great, the interest level was high and everything seemed to work out just fine.

However, the break in tradition in 2014 might prove to be the opening of the floodgates whether you like it or not. The league has formed a committee to determine the future of where, when and how the draft will be held, according to NFL Media reporters at the NFL Spring Meeting in Atlanta on Tuesday.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already discussed the idea of moving the draft away from New York City (as early as 2015) and even the possibility of it extending to four days. From the sound of things, that will all be on the table (and then some) for the committee.

"We think the draft has a good deal more potential to grow," Goodell said at a press conference Tuesday. "We don't believe the date affected us in a negative way at all this year. We've got to balance a number of issues, including football-related issues. We think there's a lot of growth opportunities here.

"Date and location are probably the two primary issues for us to decide. Radio City (Music Hall) is going to let us know by the end of the month what flexibility they have on dates and that will obviously be a big help. We'll continue our discussions with other cities."

The bottom line seems to be that the days of counting on a long Saturday with the NFL draft on the television from New York City seem to be over.

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