Nebraska's Bo Pelini models Huskers' new alternate uniform

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini seemingly is trying to present a kindler, gentler -- and funnier -- side in public the past eight months, and he was at it again Friday.

Yep, that's Pelini modeling the alternate uniform his Huskers will wear Sept. 27 in their Big Ten opener against Illinois. (Raise your hand if you ever thought you would read "Pelini" and "modeling" in the same sentence. ... Yeah, didn't think so.) Pelini has been criticized throughout his six-season tenure as Nebraska's coach for his sideline (and, at times, his away-from-the-field) demeanor.

Pelini mentioned at Big Ten Media Days earlier this week that he actually is a laid-back guy off the field. Good for him for trying to prove that point. A head coach serving as a uniform model? That's awesome, no matter who you pull for.

And here's a picture without Pelini as the model of the uniforms, which are meant to commemorate 125 years of Nebraska football.

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